R2 WE Woes Continue

I spent all morning on a dirt simple WE web app and for the life of me I can’t get it to run.  I replaced the line of code that I mentioned in a post from last week.  Uploaded the app, verified permissions, and I get nothing but a standard server error message.

In my web server log I get the following error:

malformed header from script. Bad header=App.Open: myapp.cgi

Just to add to the mystery, I created a little log function that write to a local file and the app is starting, opening the database connection and then quitting without hitting the app.close event (hard crash?).

Web Apps built with R1 seem to work with no problems but I’ve been unable to get R2 apps to run.

Anyone else seeing this?  Anyone have any ideas?  This is very annoying.

2 thoughts on “R2 WE Woes Continue

  1. RS work hard (i think) to put a r2.1 that run correctly VERY soon (I hope).
    What you experience is a know bug from r2

  2. Hi, Im having the same issue on a Debian system. Whatever I do, I cant get it to work even with a simple “hello World” example…

    btw. Has someone tried on Windows Server 2003? RS states that only vista/2008 is supported, which means that IIS7 seems to be required. But Im interested to know, if someone was able to get it running on 2003.


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