Real Studio 2011 R2 WE Bug

Real Software released 2011 Release 2 this morning.  It has the usual number of bug fixes (especially for Cocoa) and some new things (especially for Web Edition).

I haven’t compiled my list of the good, bad, and ugly yet, but in my initial testing of Web Edition there are some significant changes that may or may not affect you.  The way WebPages are handled is different and if you relied upon the Session.CreatePage event you now have to rewrite that portion of it.   This change is for the better (in my not so humble opinion) but it might make your life a little harder until you get used to it (and change existing code).

The one critical bug that I’ve discovered in my testing this morning is that the config.cfg file that is generated by Real Studio gets fragged for CGI applications.  So instead of this:





After I try to run it one time I get this:


Obviously my app no longer runs.  Chatter indicated that RS thought this was a Windows only bug but since I’m running on Debian Linux I think the problem goes deeper.  More info as I find it.

[Update]:  I should point out that I’m creating a Linux, CGI application with automatic port detection.  I’m building it on Mac OS X 10.6.7 on an i7 iMac.

[Update 2]: Feedback:  <feedback://showreport?report_id=17297>

7 thoughts on “Real Studio 2011 R2 WE Bug

  1. The Feedback report I logged earlier today was marked as fixed this afternoon. That’s good news!

    Now, how long will I have to wait for a release? Hopefully not 90 days.

  2. Does anyone else notice analyzing a project leaves a very annoying pop error message of one of the errors at the end each time? Not sure why they added that, it only shows one error or warning and there might be multiple warnings listed underneath it. I’m on Windows, is the Mac this way?

    • I’m not seeing that on the Mac. I haven’t installed R2 on Windows yet so I can’t tell you if it happens there either. Either way, I recommend reporting it.

  3. I’ve the same problem even on Mac or Windows…
    It’s really URGENT that they make a fix for that…

  4. @Valdemar I haven’t reported it yet, I wanted to check it more and see how it relates to another similar error message I reported recently, 17281. I can reproduce that one with other people’s code, but this new one seems to be related to more projects and is mroe general, just pops up for no reason. I can click OK and it closes, but still, fairly annoying.

  5. According to the feedback report the only thing that needs to change is the .cgi file. Line 419 should read:

    my %configdata = @_;

    My guess is you could go and find the template file and change it and never have to worry about it again.

  6. @Bob Keeney Brilliant! Thanks for this – been wondering what was going on for a couple of days here!

    For info the template file (on Mac OS at least) is at “Real Studio 2011 Release”

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