RSD July/August 2011: Being a Real Studio Superhero

The July/August 2011 edition of Real Studio Developer Magazine was released today.  My regular column is titled “Be a Real Studio Superhero – Tips to Rescue Your Clients”.

In the column I likened the comic superheroes and their journey from average Joe or Jane to superhero to our day-to-day struggle for all of us developers to become Real Studio experts (superheroes, get it!?).  Okay, it was a bit of a stretch, but it seemed appropriate before the summer superhero movies came out.  Hopefully your story is better than the movie versions (which all seem to stink this summer).

Besides my awesome article, there’s a good optimization article from Brendan Murphy from True North Software where he shows us how to make optimized parsing routines.

There’s a nice article showing the Oklahoma University using Web Edition to simply their online application process.

JC Cruz introduces us to Real Studio threads.  If you’ve never used threads you should get to know them – really.

Happy coding!