Favorite New Feature in 2011 Release 3

If you use graphics a lot in your projects, you’ve probably found Real Studio to be a painful to use at times.  If you changed the graphic file, you would have to reload the project for it to take effect.  If you found that to be a pain too, then 2011 Release 3 contains much goodness for you.

I discovered this today while I was adjusting my window layout.  I decided that my BevelButton icon needed to be 48×48 rather than 32×32.  I had the Window editor still open when I copied the graphic with the same name as the old one into the same location.  A few seconds later the BevelButton updated with the new icon with no actions taken by me.  Yay!

Of course, it’s possible this has been in Real Studio for a couple of releases until now but I’ll give the credit for this release.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make you happy.  🙂


1 thought on “Favorite New Feature in 2011 Release 3

  1. I found this too. It is a little thing, but it saves a lot of hassle when changing images in your app.

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