Real Software today announced in their monthly newsletter the public availability of a Web Edition web app that can be launched on their website.  The link is and you get get the source code for the project as well.

This is a decent example of what Web Edition can do for you.  It’s a fairly vanilla application but it’s something to look at and kick the tires of, so to say.  It’s nice to see it finally up as it was exposed to the beta list for a while.

I’ve been using Web Edition for real world projects since last November.  I think if they had developed this app back in November it would be a much more stable and mature product than it has been.

I hope that this is just the first of many such web apps that showcase the product.  Your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. I just downloaded the source code and it launches, but cannot seem to fully launch as the Logs.sdb is missing from the source code directory.

    This should have been a quick click launch it and see how things work, minor glitches like this make RealStudio newbies like me wonder about the product if the example doesn’t launch properly.

  2. Maybe they should have waited until release 3 to make this available, then people would be able to use the example as a learning experience straight away…

  3. Mr. Keeney. I was interested in taking some programming classes at the local community college and they offer visual basic. Would this help me learn Realbasic or are there too many differences. I’m new to programming and like what I see with Real Studio. I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Hi Darrel,
      I don’t spend a lot of time discussing general programming concepts so taking a basic programming course might be a good first step. I don’t spend hardly any time discussing data types, looping or conditional operations since I assume some level of programming knowledge. With that said, you could probably infer a lot of that knowledge just by seeing how I use Real Studio. I still think, however, that you’d get better overall knowledge by taking a course at the local community college. That sort of knowledge wouldn’t go to waste regardless of what language/development environment you use later on.
      Bob K.

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