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Real Software announced today the dates and location for the 2012 Real World event.  It will be held in Orlando Florida May 24-25.  I think it’s great news that the Real Software is bringing back Real World.  I’ve always enjoyed them and I highly recommend going to one if you’ve never been to one before.

Thoughts in no particular order:

  • I’m glad it’s not in Austin, TX again.  I like Austin, but there’s not much draw to come back year after year.  Orlando, FL is an obvious, “let’s take the family” location and should be a draw.  How much of a draw remains to be seen.
  • The early bird discount is $500 and then increases to $600 and finally to $700 for last minute bookings.  The pricing seems a little hefty, but then this is at a premier hotel rather than a hotel out by the airport.  It’s nice that early booking gets you a 30% discount coupon in the Real Studio Store.
  • Orlando has a ton of stuff to do:  Disney World, Epcot Center, Seaworld, Harry Potter World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center (a short drive),  and much, much more.  The drawback is that none of it is cheap so be prepared to drop some cash to do those things.  But, as they say, this is a destination location so you come knowing that it’s going to cost you.
  • Does the location make that big of a difference?  It depends.  The two ARBP conferences were in non-destination locations which meant very few brought their families and that meant we were all happy with minimal accommodations.  We were all just happy to be in a room talking about Real Studio.
  • The May 24-25 dates are the Thursday and Friday before Memorial Day weekend which is the start of the summer holiday season in the United States.  Will people be willing to take their summer vacation early?  I don’t know.
  • Perhaps one of the bigger issues is what to do with the kids.  For many school districts school is still in session.  For my son his last day of sixth grade will be May 25.  The timing already limits its appeal for me and my family.
  • It’s cute they used one of my old quotes on their announcement page.  It’s from one of the previous Real Worlds.
  • No word yet, obviously, on speakers or tracks.  It’s many months away yet and I would suspect Real Software will announce a call for speakers.

I love the Real World events and normally I’d say it’s a no brainer but the timing is awful for my family.  What do you think of the announcement?  Does having it in a destination city appeal to you or not?  Would you bring the family?

13 thoughts on “Real World 2012

  1. Well, I have family in Orlando. As a kid, my family would go to Disney annually. My wife, on the other hand, has never beend and I promised her a trip years ago. This gives me an excuse to finally make good on that promise.

    I’m sure your son will not hold it against you if you cut off his last two days of sixth grade for a trip to Disney 😉

    Although I was not part of the planning on this, I believe the timing was as late as we could make it without getting into the prime travel seasons – which means seriously higher rates.

  2. the dates are less than optimal for me. Memorial weekend is Indy500. Friday is “carb day” at the track. So it is hard to be in Orlando for RW2012 and be in Indy for Carb Day. If it were earlier in the week or on a different week, it would have been better timing.

    The cost of $250->$500 (early bird to early bid pricing) is a huge jump. But the facilities are nicer and easier to take the family to.

    Orlando is also an easier place for the international people to fly into. It has several direct international flights into it. And many more from Miami, Atlanta, etc.

    So we will see if I can make it.

  3. To be fair, the $99/night is much cheaper than the Omni is so there is some advantage there.

    I would also imagine there will be some package discounts available to the local attractions. The hotels usually have something like that and I would expect something similar for conference attendees.

  4. Great news about that Real World event. I’ll hope to be there.

    But I think not everyone can afford that, so I think we’ll make another little event here in fall 🙂

  5. Memorial Day weekend is right out for me–if things go as I hope, I’ll be using one of my projects live at a wrestling tournament near Atlanta…

  6. @Dana Brown
    The registration price may be inline with previous Real Worlds but that doesn’t mean that it’s not pricey. Your market is mainly hobbyist developers (ratio wise).

    It is my opinion that when conferences are priced high you are discouraging the hobbyists from attending. Someone that is just ‘looking at’ Real Studio isn’t going to plop down that kind of money.

    That’s my opinion.

  7. Well, I might be in the minority, but the concept of going to Florida in May is too horrifying to contemplate (I’ve been there in Dec/Jan and it was nasty) – more so even than Texas. Added to the fact that none of the alternate “attractions” appeals to me (can you tell I don’t have children?). Living the Pacific NW makes the trip a double ordeal.

    Now if it was San Francisco, Denver, Boulder, Seattle, Portland (OR), etc. it would much more appealing to cranky old curmudgeons like myself.

  8. Orlando in May will be a great winter vacation for those of us from the frozen Great White North 🙂

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