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Real Studio Web Edition has been around for roughly 6 months and 4 (or it is 5?) general releases.  Does anyone find it disconcerting and disappointing that Real Software does not have a SINGLE web app running on their website?

For desktop apps they can point to the IDE itself as what you can do with the product.  Web Edition needs examples, working, on their website, that do something.  If they really want to get people to buy their product the really need to have working examples.

What say you?

4 thoughts on “Web Edition Question

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Potential (and existing) customers should be able to look at the RS website and say “wow, I can do that with this product?!” I do hope they decide to add some sort of functionality to their website using WE, but I’m not sure that will happen soon. In my experience, WE is still too rough. I’ve used it for some projects, but I always hit a wall with one feature or another. I look forward to the day when WE development is as mature as local development within Real Studio.

  2. Absolutely! I dont think that Web Edition is in ANY way usable at this time and wondering why it is released. There are nasty bugs and you cant even open a new window (except for a dialog window). Promoting WE in its current state as “Web 3.0” is an automatical disappointment for paying customers. I tried my best to get ANYTHING working but wasnt able to even START the simplest web app. But in the end I see there is huge potential for future releases and Iam keen to get it.

  3. I need a hierarchical listbox before I can even start looking at WE. What annoys me very much is that Real hired new people for WE but lots of Cocoa bugs stay in “Verified”.

  4. I agree as well. For starters, everything past the login (excluding the boards) should be WE. I think we would see a faster resolution to some of these bug (specifically IE bugs) if they used there own product. As a big wish, I would love to see them build Feedback into a WE app.


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