A Van For Joanne

The Real Studio community is a pretty tight-knit one.  Once you’ve been using Real Studio for a while the same names keep popping up over and over again.  So when one of us has a problem (usually in code) many people come to rescue.

We have one long-time member of the community that’s in need of something different, however.  Christian Miller, the owner of Pariahware, has a particularly dire need.  His wife, Joanne, has been in the hospital and in long term nursing care after a series of dramatic health incidents.

It started back in February with several strokes.  In April she had so many they couldn’t track them.  Doctors thought she would not survive and in May the family was preparing for a funeral.  She was unconscious for months.  Through constant faith, and prayer, she woke up from the coma and is slowly recovering.

I’m not much for miracles, but Joanne’s story of recovery remarkable.  She still has a long struggle in front of her.  You can read more about Christian and Joanne at http://pariahware.com/blog/?p=414.

To get her home, they’ll need a van that is wheel chair capable.  Crippling medical costs have made this very difficult so they are asking for our help in donations to get a Van for Joanne.  I urge you to dig deep and donate what you can spare (and maybe a little more).

I would like to think that the RB community can help one of their own.  We’re a small and vibrant community.  If you can’t donate any cash to the project, I’m sure that they will appreciate your prayers and thoughts for a steady and permanent recovery.  You can follow the Donate button below to help out.

Click here to lend your support to: Van For Joanne and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !