Crazy Month

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something.  There’s a reason for that.  First, business is good and all of our developers are busy and will be busy for the winter.  That’s an awesome thing!

My Nigeria trip at the end of September really put some work on hold until I got back.  Thankfully I have some really cool (and patient) clients that are flexible in their schedule and were accommodating to the change in schedule due to travel and as a couple of emergency projects showed up.

Then we sold our house that had been on the market since June.  Then we bought a house (24 hours later).  And then moved out (and in to the new house) less than 2 and a half weeks later.  Even our Real Estate agent (who does 120 homes a year) says that this sequence is fast, fast, fast!  The one positive note is that the movers complimented us by saying we were “really organized” and I’d say so as in less than 48 hours we are about 85% unpacked.

Prospective clients keep showing up and asking for quotes.  There are a LOT of people asking for quotes from us to take their VB6 applications and rewrite them into Real Studio.  Most are scared away by the price (because there are no conversion tools so it’s really a rewrite) but a few have been serious enough to continue the conversation.

It really is a good time to be a Real Studio developer.  Every developer I know is busy and that’s a really good thing.  If you are not part of the Real Software Developer Referral Program you should be as it’s a great way to get leads.  One project and it pays for itself.

I barely have things unpacked from the house move and I’m off to the Real Studio Database Days training in Frankfurt, Germany where I’ll do a short presentation on our ActiveRecord implementation.  I must be crazy.

7 thoughts on “Crazy Month

  1. @Bob
    What kind of projects appear in the Real Software Developer Referral Program? Are they all VB6 conversion/boring in-house database projects, or are there any interesting projects (engineering/scientific/etc.)? I’m not really willing to shell out $500 when RS doesn’t even give any kind of indication as to what kinds of projects there are.

    • It really varies from month to month but I’d say most of them are database projects of some sort. Some are commercial and some are in-house. I’ve had projects come in from Tibet, Mexico, Russia, Nigeria as well as many in the US (strangely not many from Europe).

      I won’t reveal the specific numbers (I’m not sure I’m allowed to), but I can say is that in the past couple of months I get this comment a lot: “You (meaning BKeeney Software) were the only one that responded to the post.” So the opportunity is there.

    • ARBP used to but it was discontinued. In the year it was active it maybe has a half a dozen posts and all of them were garbage posts (teach me RB posts).

  2. I know I have looked up fellow ARBP members (companies) on the ARBP website to do referrals on. I have had several people recently (this fall) ask me for work that I cant do for one reason or another. And everyone has asked me if I knew someone that could help them out. Without having a magic list of my own, I pulled names off ARBP and sent that to them.

    If you are looking for an active referral system for work, I would talk to Real about their program. They can give for information on it.

  3. I know I refer people to the Find a Developer Page ( all the time. It really is the best way to get a project in front of a lot of RB developers, though I must admit, that it would be nice for ARBP have a more active Consultants page and/or project listing.

    If this is something the community feels that it wants, I’m sure the new leader of ARBP (Paul Lefebrve) would like to know. Phone meeting this Tuesday for ARBP, BTW (which I won’t be able to attend). If you think it’s a good idea, please think about being the coordinator for it.

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