Real Studio Database Days

If you’d like to learn more about Real Studio and how it integrates with your favorite database there is an event coming up that might be of interest to you.  MonkeyBread Software is hosting the Real Studio Database Days, November 3, and 4, 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Currently there are over 30 people registered from eight countries including Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and the USA.  This is a good time of the year to get away.

More info can be found at days

After checking flight costs there’s a possibility I’ll be there.  If I do, I’ll do a short presentation on our REALbasic implementation of ActiveRecord.  If you’ve not used it, ActiveRecord lets you use auto-complete of your tables/fields in the Real Studio IDE, takes advantage of the strong type-casting in Real Studio and, takes advantage of REALbasic events.