Real World 2012 Session List

Real Software announced the session list for Real World 2012.  This looks to be a good Real World as there are some interesting topics that haven’t been done before.

Of course we’re doing a few sessions.  I’m doing a session on Real Studio Consulting, Seth is doing one on using 3rd Party Web Services with Web Edition, and we’re doing a combined session on Group Development in Real Studio.

The early registration price of $500 ends December 2nd.  The pricing structure makes it advantageous to sign up early.

See you in Orlando!

4 thoughts on “Real World 2012 Session List

  1. Such a pity this conference is so far away, which makes it way too expensive for me (not to mention Florida in May. Eeeeuuuww. Sort of reminds me of that old nursery rhyme: “Here we go gathering nuts in May…” :^)

  2. Well, while Real World is certainly the event of the year for Real Studio with probably 100+ attendees, this doesn’t stop people from doing regular local meetings.
    So maybe you look for a group of people in your area?

  3. Actually we already do have a group that meets in Seattle, but only 4 to 6 people ever attend. Not the same as a conference with 100+ people and sessions.

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