The Value Of Conferences

Like many developers I’m not exactly the most outgoing person on the planet.  I guess that would make me a classic introvert.  However, I always get jazzed up when meeting new people at conferences.  It’s always fun and exciting to hear their story.

This week I’m in Frankfurt Germany for the Real Studio Database Days training sessions sponsored by MonkeyBread Software.  Tonight was a get together for drinks and dinner at the Hotel Amadeus before training starts tomorrow bright and early.

The connections you make in these conferences are invaluable.  Already, several people have identified areas that they are having particular problems with in Real Studio.  Maybe I’ll be able to help or, maybe, I’ll be able to reproduce their problem into a small project that I can send to Real Software.  I also have no doubt that I will learn much more than I help others.

It’s been a long day.  More after tomorrow.

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