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I haven’t been posting much this month for a reason.  This is, in all seriousness, the busiest January we’ve ever had for Real Studio consulting (and we’ve been doing this for over ten years!).  All three of our full-time Real Studio developers are maxed out on projects and not just on single large projects either.  We all have multiple projects awaiting our attention as soon as we have the time.

Being that busy is always a good thing-bad thing proposition.  My backlog of Real Studio training videos just gets bigger by the day.  Oh well, they’ll wait until I’m slow or want to do something completely different for a few days.

I’ll admit that I have been very critical of Web Edition – especially when it first came out.  I felt that it was released too soon with obvious bugs and holes in the frameworks, wasn’t adequate testing, and was without features that were necessary.  A lot of that has changed recently (though WebMoviePlayer still burns a hole in my stomach) and we’ve found that most projects these days have some sort of web component in them.  Web Edition fills that need for us and while it may not be the best, fastest, scalable, or comprehensive web platform to deal with it has increasingly become a part of our standard package.

I mention this because all three of our developers are working on projects where Web Edition is used to some extent in conjunction with the desktop apps.  I think it safe to say that about 1/4 of all our Real Studio work is using Web Edition.  Not bad considering it wasn’t really usable until mid-Summer 2011.

Web Edition is much like Real Studio desktop apps.  You have limited options and there are a bunch of compromises that you might not be able to live with.  If you can live with the compromises, development is very fast.  While deployment can be kind of a pain it seems that most of them revolve around three or four issues (FTP transfer, file permissions, 32 bit compatibility libraries, and the .htaccess file).  The fact that you can reuse much of your code between desktop and Web Edition is icing on the cake.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with us.  How is 2012 starting for you?

4 thoughts on “Busy Month

  1. Similar here. A lot of people are interested to have web apps to extend their existing solutions. Like viewing stuff on iPad while walking through factory or checking status with iPhone on the walk.

  2. Hey I’m glad to see that web edition is being used for lots of projects. I would use it myself for at least a dozen projects if it didn’t have such demanding server requirements 🙁 I hope the switch to LLVM reduces some of the drawbacks of WE so maybe I can use it then. In the meantime I’ve been doing more with php and other web tools and it’s not bad. I may begin learning javascript soon but I’m not sure I need to because of the built in functionality of Dreamweaver and new features of HTML5.

    You asked how my 2012 has been going? Absolutely dismal. Actually the trouble started during the end of 2011; just after Christmas I suffered what appears to be a serious knee injury and I have not been able to walk to this day, Feb. 01, 2012. So that means my entire January month has been spent in lameville. I missed out on Christmas celebrations and New Years celebrations but the worst part is I don’t know if my knee will return to normal or if I’ll have issues and not be able to do my much enjoyed activities of walking/hiking/cycling. It’s really disappointing to me too because I was just getting back into a nice work/exercise rhythm where I had this great and productive schedule of going walking/jogging or cycling during periods of work. I find taking breaks from coding and getting some exercise outside very beneficial to my development and of course my health. I often would ponder over different problems of projects I’d be having and come up with reasonable workarounds or a better design. With this knee injury I’m hoping my knee heals normally without any impaired movement or side effects but currently it’s been popping and not working smoothly – not good. Actually pretty bad because I’m a very active person; often exercising four times a week or more. This will really screw up my life if it doesn’t heal correctly without issues 🙁

    Since I haven’t been mobile or very active lately you’d think I’d get more work done but nope. The pain has caused me to spend more time with some old friends: Guinness and Pacifico! That’s right I’ve been drinking beer 🙂 and gaming; stuff which helps offset the pain and bummedoutness. My latest victims were 12 packs of Pacifico and Guinness along with several bottles of whiskey mixed with different fluids, YUM! The only thing I’m missing here is several bottles of some goood red wine. Because I can’t walk or drive I was lucky to of found online order and delivery from a local grocery store. Prices seem higher online than in person (GRRR) and there was a delivery charge of about $8.00 but it’s better than starving or not having beers! I have noticed that drinking day after day impares my thinking ability (booo!). I realize that my thoughts aren’t forming as clearly or quickly as normal and I’m not able to remember some things which I normally would. I can only imagine how horribly this must read, haha (apologies).These things never happened when I was in my teens or twentys and I’d socially drink like a fish back then. HEY! I only blacked out once where I hardly remembered anything and my friend forgave me for barfing on his shoes 🙂 Ohhh the teens and twenties were fun.

    Regarding web development- I really think REAL Software should start hosting VPS accounts to support WE apps for customers. There is a need for it on both sides of the product. The company would get steady income revenue with minimal company resources and customers would get instant setup satisfaction and remove the barriers of finding a compatible host. Getting WE working correctly, painlessly and quickly further strengthens the RS/WE experience. It seems like an easy source of income for RS once they configure the server(s). RS could easily lease the servers so they wouldn’t have to shell out large coinage and if there aren’t enough customers stop leasing. I wonder why they don’t do it? By not hosting VPS accounts for WE customers it creates a barrier for new customers to the WE portal and RS is falling further behind the competition. WE’s purpose was to make web app development fast and easy but it’s got some big issues and drawbacks which complicate the choice and behind the competition.

    I’ve recently discovered other web developing avenues which simplify web development with partner hosting. It provides built in functionality of necessary web features removing the developer needs for coding time consuming complicated features like online stores/processing, reporting/analytics, etc. For developers there are different partnership levels with the lowest being free! The developer would develop the basics of the site and the client would pay for the hosting (a reasonable fee) which includes all of the built in functionality. That means you can quickly develop professional web sites without needing to learn php, javascript or any functioning web language. I have not fully investigated their services yet but if it works they way I think it does I see a lot of web developers utilizing it. This product may not be perfect for every online business or web developer but If RS doesn’t step up their game and offer more WE services to their customers I don’t know what’s going to inspire WE customers to keep repurchasing WE. I also see more adventurous developers using other web tools and avoiding WE altogether because of it’s requirements and limitations. I think RS should realize while there are some good things about WE there are also many drawbacks requiring the WE developer and their customers to sometimes begrudgingly accept or not accept and other tools will be used. As a new upcoming web developer who may do jobs for clients I see better easier money on the table for me than using WE and that’s not good for RS.

    I know there are some WE customers who offer WE hosting but there’s a big difference between REAL Software the company you purchase WE from and some guy you’ve never met.

    How many WE apps can run on a VPS’d server?
    Assume the server is an up to date model the kind anyone can lease per month from any major hosting company.

    Damn, I’m outta beer now 🙁

  3. @Sh3ppard
    You need to see a physiotherapist quick, I think. Muscles around the knee will waste quite quickly through disuse which will make it seem like the original injury is not healing. A physio will either get you right or if necessary refer you.

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