Apps For Income Program For the Unemployed

Times are tough for those that don’t have a job. There just aren’t many opportunities out there for a lot of folks. ¬†According to Tech Net, application software development has created 466,000 jobs in the United States since 2007.

Real Software announced an interesting program called the Apps for Income Program that will give away 20,000 licenses of Real Studio to anyone that is unemployed. The only requirement is proof of unemployment from the state you live in.

If you get accepted into the program you get a Personal Edition license for Real Studio and that’s enough to get you started. Real Studio is a software development environment that lets you create desktop applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux using one code base (Note: Personal Edition will only let you compile for the operating system the IDE is running in).

Software development isn’t simple and it isn’t something you learn overnight if you don’t have any experience. It takes some hard work and dedication to learn how to create high quality applications. The documentation and example programs that come with Real Studio are good for a vast majority of new users and there are a number of resources out there to help you learn Real Studio. Some people learn differently, however, and there are resources available to those too.

BKeeney Software Inc. has been Real Studio consultants and trainers for the over a decade creating internal and commercial applications for clients all over the world and of all sizes. Real Studio creates native applications suitable for Fortune 100 clients, the business next door, and for resale everywhere including the Mac App Store.  We offer onsite training on how to get going with Real Studio.

We also offer over 36 hours of Real Studio training videos to subscribers via video streaming from our website. These videos allow the user to see how someone with over a decade of Real Studio experience creates and debugs applications from the ground up. In addition to the video, most sessions have a project file complete with source code that they can use in their own applications.

The training area is written entirely in Real Studio’s Web Edition that makes web applications that can be served from Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. The Web Edition training web app has served up thousands of minutes of video since it went live in the Fall of 2011.

You can find more information about the BKeeney Software Real Studio training program at

You can find more information about the Apps for Income program at

3 thoughts on “Apps For Income Program For the Unemployed

  1. Well meaning initiative but it’s a pretty big leap to go from jobless non-programmer to mISV and saving on a $99 tool would be the least of your concerns.
    If you’re jobless you’d probably have a better chance of a getting a job if you learnt java (or python or javascript, html, C# etc etc) than REALbasic.
    This reminds me of the peculiar ‘Save yourself from economic ruin’ ebook REAL published at the start of the downturn

  2. Job retraining is one of those things that we, as a country, need to do more of. Software development isn’t for everyone and I know of people that have spent thousands of dollars taking short programming courses only to discover they don’t really *like* software development. This at least is an inexpensive foray into learning the basics of software development without having to spent a boatload of money.

    Let’s face it, software development is not for everyone. But if this program helps a few discover that they like to program it can start them on the eventual path to become a full time developer.

    I mention my video training simply because not everyone can learn from the example programs and documentation. I explain practically every line of code that I write and because you can stop, rewind, and view the video as many times as you want it can be good learning for some people.

    I have two video series that go from concept to final product which people find useful because it approaches it differently than most books. I find that my software development process isn’t linear but more like a puzzle where you start with the frame and build up parts at a time. Sometimes you do a lot in section, go do some other part, and then come back to it to add more stuff.

    Anyway, I think their program is good intentioned and might help some people.

  3. Well, you NEVER know where the next programmer is going to come from. I was an electrician, and things got so bad in my home town that I had to travel to the northeast and work for 3 years in the late 1980’s I had done some tinkering programs on the side, so at this juncture in my life I decided to get serious about it get and get a Computer Science degree. I now own a mISV and make a living at and even have one part-time person helping me with the business.

    Now I am not saying that a $99 freebie license is going to turn people’s lives around. What I am saying is it may be the exposure that someone needs to get interested in programming and move forward. And I’d bet dollars to donuts that a lot more people would give up trying to learn Java first instead of REALbasic.

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