Real World 2012

Real World is back and I am very excited.  It’s been quite a while since Real Software has put on a Real World and instead of being in Austin, Texas it’s in Orlando, Florida and the hotel is on the Disney property.  I expect to see a lot more families attending this year than in the past.

I’ve been to four Real Worlds and while I like Austin the conference tends to focus on the hotel and the immediate surrounding area.  This isn’t so bad but from a “new and exciting” standpoint there’s only so much you can see in the immediate Austin downtown area.  Orlando is definitely a destination city with plenty of things to do for the family, though us geeks (you’ll notice us by the pasty white skin tones) will be shunning the output of our local celestial star.  So not that we’ll see a lot outside of the hotel at least it will be different.

I am looking forward to this Real World for many reasons.  For the first time in several years I’m not the organizer of a Real Studio event!  Yay!  You have no idea how much work goes into an event – even those as simple as the ARBP events of the past couple of years.  I’m a coder not an event planner so I’m looking forward to JUST doing a couple of presentations.

I’ll pick up some new information and techniques in the sessions but I’ll learn the most by talking with other developers.  Talking about our shared experiences (both successes and failures) is rewarding and fruitful.  As with previous Real Worlds we’ll reacquaint ourselves with friends, colleagues, competitors, and future clients.  We have several current clients that we met originally at Real World so it pays to talk to as many people as you can!  You will never find a higher concentration of Real Studio developers at one time on the planet.

I’m leading a session on Real Studio consulting.  I guess I have a few things to say about doing this for a decade.  Seth and I are doing a session on Group Development using Real Studio.  Seth is doing a solo session on extending Web Edition with 3rd party services.   The agenda was just recently posted at

I discovered today that the kickoff session is by author Ken Whitaker who is an Agile Project Management expert and I’m so looking forward to it.  If you have not used Agile in a project I’d highly recommend attending.  We’ve used Agile on a big Fortune 100 prototype project and it was an amazing experience (due mostly to the Scrum Master leading the project).  I’m looking forward to his message and how we can improve our project management skills.

Most of us are familiar with the typical waterfall project where the client gives their requirements, we go code it and after several months of hard work we give them a build.  How often has your client said, “But that’s not what I wanted!” and you have to respond, “But that’s what you asked for!”?  Agile project management breaks it down into smaller chunks and is directed by the project owner.  In the long run the coders and the project owners are happier (I believe).  I’ll be curious on how Ken spins that for smaller development teams that are typical with Real Studio.

I’m sure Real Software will be talking, A LOT, about the new IDE, Cocoa, and many other things.  Having access to the Real Software engineers is a rewarding experience and buying a few drinks for them doesn’t hurt either.  😉

I’m sure there are still slots available.  I’d love to see you there.  More information can be found at

Are you attending Real World?  If not, how come?  If so, please make sure you find me and say hi!

4 thoughts on “Real World 2012

  1. I have a list of people of who I know they come. But still I bet there will be a few surprises. Some people I didn’t see for a few years.
    We’ll see how it turns out with Orlando as destination. Probably a lot to see. In Austin we just walked to 6th street or congress avenue and found nice places. In Orlando I’m not sure whether we just walk over to Downtown Disney or we have to use a car.
    Still the hotel is a nice place with pool, shops and restaurants. Looking forward to Real World!

  2. Dont know about everyone else but my wife & I are taking the chance to make a full blown vacation out of it. We’ll arrive about a week early, attend the conference, then be in Florida for about a week after.

    And for anyone that wants to talk – I drink Canadian Club Rye Whiskey & Coke or Bacardi and Coke (just about any color but I really like the Bacardi Black) 😛

  3. Obviously I’ll be there. So will Seth and Robert. This will be Seth’s 2nd Real World and he’s leading one session and doing one jointly with me.

    This is Roberts first Real World so be gentle with him. 🙂

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