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Real World News Part 5

The Real Studio framework was first created in 1997. It’s been mangled over the years by various developers to accommodate many features that weren’t even thought of in 1997. It’s had stuff bolted on to it, things deprecated and things changes and while it works well now Real Software wants to make a new one to make life easier for us and them.

At this point it takes into account Macintosh, Windows, Linux, console apps, desktop apps and now web applications. A new framework will make adding new things to the framework easier (hopefully). ¬†One of the other goals of the framework is to simply and unify the code. A great example is removing data from a listbox and removing data from a dictionary. The listbox uses the DeleteAllRows method while the dictionary class uses Clear. The goal of the new framework is to make sure that all classes use the same names where possible. It’s a laudable goal as it should make learning the language easier.

Other goal is to unify lists because there are some things that are one based and others that are zero based. I’ve been using Real Studio for over ten years and I *still* screw some of those list/arrays so I can only imagine how someone new to the language could get frustrated with the inconsistencies.

This promises to help us out in the long run. After talking with several folks from Real Software they are working hard to get AutoComplete to add in the proper NameSpace for you so a adding Folderitem would automatically replace it with rb.files.folderitem or whatever the final name will be. They have also thought about making it a compiler preference to allow ONLY the new framework.

Oh yeah, and this new framework will be the only way to work with the new iOS framework. This also means that any future additions will be only in the new framework.

All in all I feel this is good news. Unifying the frameworks and making sure they’re all using similar method names should make life better for all of us. Will it be painful? Perhaps, but we’re talking about moving forward with better technology.

2 thoughts on “New Frameworks

  1. Hopefully it will also sort the problems that currently existing with using your own namespaces too, like autocomplete not working properly. In any event, as you say potentially painful in some cases but hopefully well worth it.

  2. I think they’re going to try real hard to make it as painless as possible. Yes, it will be a little work but I think a FolderItem will still be a FolderItem it will just have some differences. With Paul handling the documentation and examples now I think this will be a no brainer.

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