One Click Web App Installation

Real World News Part 4

If you are using Real Studio Web Edition to make web applications you know that deployment can be a real pain (for some people). Real Software announced that they will soon be offering a web app hosting solution that should make installation and version control much, much simpler and easier.

Real Software will be offering a Virtual Private Server that does a one click installation directly from the IDE. Creating an account for hosting promises to be as easy as ordering Real Studio from the web store. They are using RackSpace for hosting and the IDE will upload and install the application for you.

They are taking security very seriously and are locking down all external ports and don’t allow FTP access. The servers also have active intrusion detection so your apps should be very safe. It also should require zero configuration by end users as Real Software knows how to get web apps running properly.

Real Software has said this feature will be part of the new IDE in 2012 Release 2. Pricing should start at about $30 a month but it does depend on how many concurrent users your apps will have. Details are not set in stone yet but this might be very handy if you are creating a lot of web applications.

2 thoughts on “One Click Web App Installation

  1. this will be very useful for people that are not “server” people so they can delpy WE apps and not have to worry about configuring apache, or permissions or whatever. The 1-click deploy from the IDE and making it that easy to deploy, it could be a huge hit. how large it will be will in the details.

    I am excited about it.

  2. I think that this is a big step forward.
    One more thing that could be added to this would the registering of a domain.
    If it was as easy to register your domain as it is to create a username on gmail then making web apps would be ridiculously simple

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