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The current editions of Real Studio, Personal, Professional, Enterprise and Web is a confusing mix for many users because some editions have certain IDE features (think encryptions, secure sockets, container controls, etc) along with features that users don’t need/want. Real Software, starting with 2012 Release 2, will now give away Real Studio and charge รก la carte for licenses depending on what sort of application you want to build (note that this does not affect debug apps).

The new licensing model makes only 4 distinctions. Desktop, Console, and Web applications. You’ll be able to build for any platform that the license covers. One additional license is required to connect to database servers. This doesn’t affect the REALSQLDatabase (SQLite) as it will be the native database available for all servers.

Here are the build types and the new/renewal prices:
Console Apps $100/$50
Desktop Apps $300/$150
Web Apps $400/$200
Database Servers $300/$150

Real announced that they will migrate existing licenses to the new plan automatically.

I was fairly shocked at this new licensing scheme. I think the existing $99 Personal license is very cheap, but this change promises to get Real Studio in the hands of more new users than ever before. I believe that most users will spend less on licensing with consultants like me probably spending a bit more (since I use all of those build types and databases).

Only time will tell how well this works for Real Software. I wish them well as it should increase the number of people who at least want to take a look at Real Studio. How well this translates into licenses will take a while to figure out. However, with the recent addition of Web Edition and the future iOS builds this model makes sense.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Perhaps this has already been said (sorry if it was) but I don’t remember. Will the 2012R1 version be released before the new licensing scheme changes?
    (what confuses me is that only R2 is meant to have the new compiler, so I don’t remember if the licensing change applies to R1 or R2).

  2. @Geoff: only to get this information right: there is no database access licence nessessary to create (develop and run) a desktop application with access to e.g. postgreSQL database? I only need to buy desktop and database access licence when I want to build the application?

    And one other question: until when do I need to renewal my actual licence, because after that it will not be possible to get the old pricestructure? Is it until end of version 2011R4 or until end of 2012R1 (beginning 2012R2)? Will there be a hard change of the price structur or will there be a “not possible to renewal, wait for the new pricestructure”-time?

    Thanks for you answers in this blog. They bring a lot of clarification to me.

  3. @Geoff & Norman: I did have the information from Karin (read in the mailinglist), but did not get the information you both gave in a answer in the mailinglist: “After discussing this at length with Norman, he has convinced me that we should NOT require a database access license to access database servers from the IDE but ONLY require such a license when you need to build. ” (@Norman: thanks for posting it here again!)

    _That_ is a really good decision! Thanks!

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