Roadmap For New Features

Real World News Part 3

Real Software, during the keynote address gave us some roadmap dates for some key new features. This is such a rare event it’s almost newsworthy all by itself.

64 Bit Support: Early next year Mac OS X console applications will become 64 bit capable. Then Cocoa applications. By the summer of 2013 Linux and Windows apps will get converted.

LLVM: Real Software is upgrading the backend compiler to use LLVM. During the first quarter Mac OS X 32 bit applications will start using it. By second quarter 2013 Mac OS X 64 bit apps will use LLVM. Finally, by third quarter 2013 Windows and Linux will use the new compiler.

[Edit:  Fixed years]

8 thoughts on “Roadmap For New Features

  1. Bill, Bob was just excited and wanted the features sooner than later. 🙂

  2. I’m gad they shared their plans but I have to admit I am very skeptical about them meeting those timelines. I don’t see them as promises but as optimistic hopes on their part.

    I think making any buying decisions based on that timeline is a risky proposition. Those should be based on immediate needs/wants for what is available.

  3. @Karen
    Agreed. Take the timelines with a grain of salt. Since they seem to be rather optimistic about everything I’ll be the pessimist and multiply it by 2.

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