Twas The Night Before Real World

Okay, it’s not exactly the night before Real World but close enough.  Conference passes:  Check.  Plane ticket:  Check.  Presentations presented to colleagues and rewritten for clarity: Check.  Clothes washed and packed:  not quite, but close enough.  I’m ready to go!

The lead up to this Real Studio event seems almost surreal to me.  The past two events were sponsored by ARBP (when I was president) and at this point I was scrambling to get all of the last minute details done.  It’s nice not to have to do them this time.

This looks to be a very interesting Real World.  I’m positive we will get a close look at the new IDE.  I’m hoping that we get an alpha version so we can start working with it.  I suspect that there will be a surprise announcement that will please a lot of people.  Of course, I was excited about the ORM (Object Relational Model) that was in Geoff’s keynote in 2008 that still hasn’t seen the light of day so I’ll try to keep my enthusiasm in check.

It looks to be a busy Real World for BKeeney Software.  Besides doing 3 sessions we have an existing client coming up from Miami to meet us face to face after two years of work.  A current client will be at the conference and a potential client is also attending the conference.  It’s interesting that I met the current client at Real World in 2008 so you never know how long the incubation period is between first contact and an actual project.

If past events are any indication there will be people attending the conference looking for a developer to work with them.  If you are, I’d love to talk to you.  All of our developers will there so you can meet most of the team.

I wonder who I’ll meet this year that will be the surprise of the year?  It’s fun meeting all of the other developers.  You’ve seen their names on the forums and the NUG and now you can put the name to the face.  It pays to become friends with other consultants because they’ve thrown work our way when they’re too busy or don’t have the resources in place to complete the project.  I also know that I’ve answered a ton of questions from Real World contacts and also recommend other developers to clients that want a developer closer to home.

And the ideas that out of individual and group conversations are phenomenal!  I can’t wait to hear what people love and hate about our favorite development project because I guarantee there will be something I hadn’t thought about before.

One of the disappointments, I think, is that The Association of REALbasic Professionals (ARBP) isn’t holding a general meeting.  This is the one time of the year that we’re guaranteed to have large numbers of Real Studio developers.  Oh well.  Not my gig any more.

Anyway, can’t wait to get there and renew old friendships and make some new ones.  See you then!

3 thoughts on “Twas The Night Before Real World

  1. Do you remember how we tried to encourage Geoff at the last meeting to have a RW event again? And now we’re there! Without the ARBP in Atlanta last year we might not have had a RW this year, either.

  2. Hard to say but I think it definitely put them in a better frame of mind. I mean, if ARBP could do it with only volunteers, then they could do it too.

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