Webkit for Windows

Real World News Part 2

One of the smaller tidbits of items that came out of the Real Software keynote address was that the HTMLViewer for Windows is now using WebKit instead of Internet Explorer. This is really good news for developers as it means that using the HTMLViewer is a similar experience on Mac or Windows.

Again, it was such a small tidbit that it was just a line item on my notes. But, considering how many of us Real Studio users use HTMLViewer this is really good news.

4 thoughts on “Webkit for Windows

  1. Well, it’ll grow your app size by maybe 20 MB as Webkit is not a small thing. And they told me it is optional. So you decide whether you use IE or Webkit.

  2. Hi Bob,

    That’s great news – but do you know, how I can switch to Webkit in Windows? I installed Safari and made it the default browser, but that doesn’t help.

    If this feature is to be part of RB 2012 – do you know when it will be available?

    Thank you very much in advance,


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