BKeeney Software Acquires Real Studio True North Software Products

Lenexa, Kansas, USA (July 30, 2012) — BKeeney Software Inc. has announced that it has acquired the RealStudio portfolio of products from True North Software including…

– Formatted Text Control (FTC)

– RTF Parser

– RB Code Reports

– Spell Check Utilities (SCU)

– RBVersioner

– Obfuscate

– RB Linux Maker

– VInstaller

We are very excited to bring these products to BKeeney Software. These products represent years of quality work which we routinely use in our consulting work. These products are valued assets for the Real Studio community and we will continue to enhance these products. Brendan Murphy, from True North Software said, “I am glad BKeeney Software has chosen to acquire these products. They have the technical expertise and integrity to make these products flourish for years to come.”

The new home for these products can be found at the following URL’s:








For more information visit http://www.bkeeney.com or send email to info@bkeeney.com


6 thoughts on “BKeeney Software Acquires Real Studio True North Software Products

  1. WOW! this is big news. I know BKenney Software will do right with the acquired software. Congrats to everyone involved.

  2. This is great news for BKeeney Software. However I can’t help but be sad that the Real Studio community is losing yet another amazing and professional contributor.

  3. @Phillip Zedalis
    we dont know if True North Software is closing down or not. we just know the BKeeney Software bought the RB software from them. until we hear otherwise…

  4. Yeah I didn’t say they were closing shop. However selling add-ons to the community is being a contributor to the community. Selling only shareware apps that happen to be built in Real Studio is a loss of a contribution to the community. Hopefully Bkeeney can do that and then some.

  5. I’ll be doing a post, soon, with some more details on the acquisition. It happened relatively fast so we’ve been scrambling to get everything done (and yet still do our current consulting projects).

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