RB Code Reports Version 3.0

Lenexa, KS, USA (August 10, 2012) – BKeeney Software has announced the release of version 3 of RB Code Reports.  RB Code Reports is a utility designed to read Real Studio binary and xml project files and analyze them and report on a number of useful things.  These reports are designed to let developers know of potential issues in their code.

RB Code Reports features the following capabilities:

– A statistics report showing how many lines of code and the code and comment densities

– An optimizations report offering ways to speed up code and avoid hard to maintain code

– A warnings report showing potential problems

– A signature report to document method signatures and to pull comments from methods

– A spelling report to show possible misspellings in control captions and other user interface elements

– A custom report option allowing the user to iterate the project tree and create their own report based on their own criteria


The following features were added in version 3:

– Can now read binary (rbp) project files

– Now recognizes Web Edition objects

– New optimization tests, include heavy use of variants, too many controls on a Window or WebPage

– New warning tests including the ability to check database code for sql operations that do not include a check for database errors, a very common problem with new Real Studio developers

– New signature report options to either pull all comments, or user selectable tagged comments, out of each method

– New user interface

– More preference options

– Automatic application updates


The pricing for this software is $24.95 for new users and $9.95 for existing owners of version 1.x or version 2.x


RB Code Reports can be downloaded from…


For more information visit http://www.bkeeney.com or send email to info@bkeeney.com.


11 thoughts on “RB Code Reports Version 3.0

  1. The demo is pretty useless. There is NO number to see. Some reports can’t be accessed at all. And the text format of the reports is also less than usefull compared to a simple spreadsheet like format.

  2. Tried the demo.

    Kind of a pain to have to convert my project from version control format to rbp.

    The toolbar in the preferences is cut off halfway through the Auto (Update?) button and is not resizable to see if there are any other buttons to look for.

    The reports themselves look very useful and I will probably buy this for some of my work.

  3. @Bob C
    Send me a screenshot on my support email address so I can see what you’re seeing.

    The previous version only did XML so it’s an improvement. VCP format is a completely different beast so it might not happen any time soon.

  4. Took me a bit to figure out how to get your email address but it is sent now.

    I do remember that it was XML only in the previous version. That was the deal breaker for me at the time.

    As soon as I can shake loose funds it will be going into my kit.

  5. Does anyone know why the RBP format is so prevelant instead of VCP? You can’t really do any reasnable Source control with the single RBP binary (admittedly VCP is not great in this area because when you add UI elements to a new revision, VCP often makes a mess out of the file that can’t be merged without a huge amount of effort). But I know people like the RBP format because they can more easily post stuff in forums and send the files to other programmers, but being able to share files is not really why we use RB. I wish they would wring out all of the bugs in VCP

  6. @Merv
    Mostly because of momentum. It was the first format Real Studio (REALbasic way back then) used. The XML format and binary format are nearly identical in data structure. The VCP format is relatively new (2009-ish I believe) and it’s always been the red headed step child. Even though RS uses it internally for their own version control it often has bugs that go undiscovered until after release (look at some of my old review posts).

    I would love to find ‘one format to rule them all’ that made it easy for both camps (the single file and the version control). There have been rumors and inklings of it for years but AFAIK there is nothing in the works. Plenty of bigger fish to fry in the RS world.

  7. Bob, I have looked at this before and after you bought it. I have two issues with it. first one, you have already addressed it. VCP Format. all my code is in VCP format. second one is the ability to call it via cli (that way I can add it to Build Automation). the first item is more important than the second.

    no matter how well this tool works in my development tool chain, thank you for keeping the tool alive. thank you.

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