App Wrapper 2.0.1

I meant to do this a while back but we got so busy with consulting and the Formatted Text Control acquisition that I forgot all about this.  Back in July I did a review of App Wrapper.  Though my review was positive (and I use it almost every week), Sam from Ohanaware contacted me and asked how I wanted it to work from an IDE script.

Voila!  About 2 weeks later they released version 2.0.1 that allowed me to wrap my apps using a PostBuild IDE script.  They added a handy menu item in the View Menu (called ‘Command Line Function’) that gives you the exact text to add to your script.  This is very handy because the path is escaped out if there are any funky characters in folder names.

App Wrapper was good before.  It’s even better now as I have it all automated.  Now I never have to stop what I’m doing to open up another application.

Happy Coding!