Mountain Lion and Saving Real Studio Projects

We noticed a very disturbing thing over the past couple of weeks in a couple of different Real Studio projects.  Occasionally, we find that changes to code are not getting saved to disk despite what the IDE.

In both instances we had things in the code editor not get saved.  The sequence was this:

  • Open up code editor.
  • Make changes (dirty flag goes on).
  • Save (dirty flag goes off).
  • Close project and then open it back up.
  • Code changes are not saved.

There is a thread on the Real Studio NUG about this very issue and it appears that it might be a Mountain Lion issue.  I wouldn’t necessarily disagree, EXCEPT that I was using Mountain Lion with Real Studio 2012 Release 1 with Mountain Lion and never noticed this issue.  As someone working on projects all day long and using version control format I think I would have noticed it before R2.

Movie of our code loss:


For us the problem seems to occur when using the VCP project format in 2012 Release 2.  That might be spurious data as we use VCP for practically everything and most of our projects are running in R2.  This has happened in both desktop and Web Edition projects.  Only 1 of these projects is being actively used by multiple people.

In one case I did a Save As over the existing VCP files and it appeared to make everything better and I’ve not seen the issue (in that project) since.  I have not tried using Disk Utility to check permissions and other disk errors.

Is it a pure Mountain Lion issue, is it a Real Studio issue, or a combination thereof?  Regardless, this is a very serious issue that the community needs to help figure out.

Have you seen this issue?  Was it using the binary or VCP file format?  Did you do anything to try and fix it?  What and how did that fix work?


As seen in the comments section it appears that Norman from Real Software found the issue we were seeing and has it fixed.  To recap: my bug only manifested itself in 2012 R2 version control format projects.  You had to change source code in the event of a control on a web page and not change any property anywhere else on the page nor any code in any of the methods.  It should be fairly rare to see this bug and we only found it because we hit that exact sequence.

Anyway, good news that it was found and fixed.  I don’t think it’s the same bug as reported in the NUG though it might be distantly related.  Only RS will be able to discover that.

14 thoughts on “Mountain Lion and Saving Real Studio Projects

  1. I have tried running Disk Utility. No change.
    I have done a Save As. No Change.
    I have tried opening via drag and drop on the application. No change.

  2. Interesting oddity. I changed CODE in a window and regardless of what I’m doing it’s NOT saving. As an interesting side experiment I changed the dynamic string property of one of the controls and did the code at the same time. Note the dynamic string was in a module.

    The dynamic string change was saved but the source code was not.

  3. Found the culprit & its amazing we never saw this in the R2 betas ourselves

    As you found the workaround is to tweak a property on the same control and then everything will save

    Bug reported & a fix is in the works

  4. it’s not just Mountain lion. I’ve seen it happen with projects with external items

    I’ll try to dig up the feedback tomorrow

  5. this sounds like a general version of what I struggled with earlier this week and reported as . Great to hear it is fixed. To me it was not limited to 2012r2, also 2012r1.2 was affected (at least)

  6. Is this just on the Mac or has anyone seen it on Windows? I mostly work on Windows and don’t recall seeing this issue and I use VCP format.

  7. @Merv
    This is specific to Web Edition projects and ONLY if you changed the source code in a control event and no other properties (in any control). How often do you just change source code in a control event without doing anything else? It took us a couple of months to hit this exact situation.

  8. A year ago I am certain that I made several small code changes in Real Studio 2011 in a standard desktop .rbp format project that were not saved by the IDE. I know this as when I was implementing urgent coding changes for a client, the several small code fixes I had just done and tested the day before were not there. I was shocked, and I had to do them again. At the time I put it down to me opening an older version of the project and overwriting the new version by accident, or not saving the changes – but I am as certain as I can be that this was not the case as I always save regularly and control versions very tightly. I compared the previous version and the new, and the changes were not there. I even asked others at the Real Studio event in Wimbledon, London, if they had come across this issue. I was overworked at the time and did not raise a bug report as I tried once or twice to make some changes and they were saved OK. And in reply to the question “how often do you just change source code in a control event without doing anything else?”, my answer is “A LOT.” I think we should all keep an eye out for this issue happening again.

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