Real Studio 2012 Release 2.1

Between the entire family being sick for what seemed like weeks, client work, and our efforts to get Formatted Text Control updated (release in the next 5 days?), we’ve been busy.  So it’s no wonder that I forgot to do a writeup on Real Studio 2012 Release 2.1 that was released last(?) week.

As with many dot releases, this release only has a few changes that may or may not affect you.  Take a look at the release notes at for more information.

The bug that I talked about with saving Web Edition VCP projects that had only code changes in control events appears to be fixed. Yay!

If you are a Web Edition user there are a couple of big bug fixes.  They fixed a data leak that could occur between WebSessions.  They also fixed dynamic constants that are used in WebPage Titles so you won’t see the #Name anymore.

RS fixed a couple of WebCanvas bugs.  As you may know, the WebCanvas SDK lets you create custom controls for WebEdition.  It’s a pretty well thought out SDK that promises to extend Real Studio a lot.  Sadly, I’ve not had the time to play with it yet.

The other thing that’s notable in this release is more changes to the Remote Debugger Stub.  In Release 2 they started using compression on the debug applications as they were sent to the Remote Debugger Stub that resulted in some nice time improvements.  In the 2.1 Release they sped up the Windows Remote Debugger Stuff even more.

This is indeed good news for us.  Before all the improvements I would start the remote debug session going from the Mac to VMWare on the same machine and depending upon the size of the project I could go get a drink and come back and the debug app would have just started in Windows.  It’s been like that ever since I can remember in Real Studio.

It wasn’t until I had to remote debug to another Mac that I saw the difference.  Literally, I was going across the wireless network faster than I could remote debug on a VM environment on the same machine!  So I put in a Feedback Report basically asking why the Windows version was so slow in comparison.

Now, going from my Mac to the Windows environment is so fast that the progress bar rarely has time to even do a value.  Now that’s fast and is a welcome improvement.

It would be arrogant of me to presume that it was only my Feedback report that got this fixed.  I’m sure others had reported it and the powers that be gave a little development time to the debugger stubs.  Regardless, it’s a very welcome improvement and it dramatically speeds up my work flow.

And now we wait for 2013 Release 1.  The Bataan Death March long road to Cocoa being final and the new IDE user interface is almost at an end.

Happy Coding!