No, I Won’t Fix Your App For You

I love the t-shirts that say, “No, I won’t fix your computer.” I’m thinking about getting one that says, “No, I won’t fix your Real Studio project.”  Or maybe I should just add that to my email signature.

It’s odd, I’ve been part of the community for well over a decade. I have done a lot of writing, blogging, tutorials, and examples about Real Studio. I’ve always had the occasional “can you please help me with X Real Studio problem” sorts of questions. Depending upon how much work they’ve already tried to put into it (and articulated it to me in their request) I will occasionally write back.  The past couple of months, however, I’ve had, on average, an email a week with someone asking me about generic questions about Real Studio. What’s worse, is that some of the recent emailers have been asking for whole, and complete, projects.  So here is my official stance on this.

You should ask your questions on the Real Studio forums. They are found at and many fine people (including me) post answers there. Chances are your question has already been asked and answered years ago (I know searching isn’t an instant gratification but you should really try it sometime). You can try StackOverflow at but that’s not a very active site for Real Studio users. You can also try the Network Users Group (NUG) mailing list. You can find the archives at and somewhere, I’m sure, you can find directions on how to sign up for it. Many Real Studio old-timers hang out in that list.

There are many ways to get your questions answered.  I should probably be your last resort unless you want to become my client.

7 thoughts on “No, I Won’t Fix Your App For You

  1. Besides all the other things you are doing in the RS community, another factor in the recent uptick in such emails maybe that you are offering training session before the RW conference. I would bet some people are not distinguishing between you and RS and associate “you” as being a part of RS (in their minds) and therefore you should answer their questions. When did you start advertising your training sessions? Is there a rough correspondence there?

  2. Well, anyone advertising to do anything Real Software related is a target for support questions. I don’t know how many people here in Europe see me as being part of RS just because they contact me when they actually want to contact RS directly.
    Some days I feel like I’m an unpaid worker doing first level support for RS on their users…

  3. @Brendan Murphy
    Brendan, no. Definitely no correlation with the advertisements for the Real World training. Although I wonder if switching to WordPress made everything more ‘search friendly’ so more people are finding the website.

    I had one person say that finding my website was a ‘beacon in the wilderness’. That’s a bit of hyperbole if you ask me. The Real Studio forums are chock full of information if you’re willing to do a little wading through search. Frankly that’s where I go first.

  4. Christian Schmitz :
    Some days I feel like I’m an unpaid worker doing first level support for RS on their users…

    There is some truth to that. I feel like that sometimes too. Felt like it more when I was doing all the ARBP stuff but I spend a lot of time answering questions on the forums. So I guess it’s my own damn fault. 😛

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