Real Software Website Hacked

I was told this morning that the Real Software/Xojo website was hacked.  The timing sucks simply because all of their engineering staff is in Florida at the Xojo Developer Conference.

Xojo already had plans to migrate to their new Xojo Cloud servers as part of their one-click hosting solution, ironically, for better security.  Last night the Xojo engineers started that migration early.  As I write this they are still in that transition.

I was told that RS stores no credit card data nor other personal data either other than username and password.  Either way, you should change your password.  I’m sure you’ve heard this a hundred times before but you should not share usernames and passwords among websites.

Having gone through this myself in the not too recent past I feel for them.  The web is a dangerous place.

More information on their blog at

3 thoughts on “Real Software Website Hacked

  1. many of us have had this pain at some point in our past. xojo good luck and god speed on the unplanned planned upgrade/migration.


  2. I guess that the Feedback database is damaged beyond recoverability and will allow Xojo to start over with a fresh sheet of paper for developing Xojo 1.1.

    This said I don’t loath you – been there, done that and got the T-shirt – hacked websites are never fun. I am curious to know why the decision was taken to migrate to a new platform at the same time as restoring the old – making two changes, especially during a critical restore is a sure way to screw things up worse. Restoring the old site and then make an earlier than needed migration would have been my way to do it, but Thom is known for burning bridges…

    Alt vel,

  3. The current forum software stores your forum password however, we don’t store your password. The Feedback system will be back up soon but getting the website back up is the first priority.

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