Xojo 64 Bit

Xojo will eventually be 64 bit capable. Xojo Inc said at last weeks developer conference that the 64 bit work for Cocoa is about 70% done and for Windows and Linux apps it’s complete except for the testing (they said specifically you could compile apps but that didn’t mean they ran properly). The next real trick is to get the compiler itself working in 64 bit.

iOS is causing a delay (naturally) and this is pushing back the release of the 64 bit compiler until summer of 2014. There will be betas before then with the option to compile in 32 bit or 64 bit. Eventually the 64 bit version will become the default and then at some point in the future you could presume that the old compiler will just go away.

64 bit has been promised for a while now. At last Real World (2012) they gave us this roadmap:

64 Bit Support: Early next year (2013) Mac OS X console applications will become 64 bit capable. Then Cocoa applications. By the summer of 2013 Linux and Windows apps will get converted.
LLVM: Real Software is upgrading the backend compiler to use LLVM. During the first quarter Mac OS X 32 bit applications will start using it. By second quarter 2013 Mac OS X 64 bit apps will use LLVM. Finally, by third quarter 2013 Windows and Linux will use the new compiler.

So I guess another delay won’t mean much. ┬áLike any good sports fan I know the saying, “There’s always next year.”