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Based on one of the comments from this morning I captured some screenshots of Xojo in Windows 7.  Hopefully this time you can get the side-by-side comparison in the post.  The only thing I’ve done is stitch together the Inspector image so it’s one continuous image.  I think I would have to agree that even in Windows it ‘looks’ like a Mac OS X app and I’d say that’s probably not a good thing for most Windows users.


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9 thoughts on “Xojo: Inspector in Windows

  1. That looks even worse than the Mac OS screenshot. The on/off buttons look totally out of place. The length of this thing is incredible. Did I ever do a Feedback issue for ordering the options alphabetically?

  2. I have to say, the new property inspector …well “sucks” … for lack of a more descriptive term

    It is HUGE, the fields for entering 1 or 2 digit numbers are way longer than necessary… the vertical spacing is way out of line…

    Looks like it was designed by (sorry)…. a newbie on his first day with a GUI layout tool.

    While the current property inspector might benefit from a little dressing up….. what I see here is WAY overboard

    (Does XOJO have a “classic” option? 😀 )

  3. I would be great if the designers had a brief chat with a typographer. They might then understand that right-aligning property names actually takes the brain slightly longer to access the information, making it more difficult to read.

    You can test this yourself by taking a screenshot of the Inspector/Properties from another IDE (Mono Develop or Visual Studio for example) and putting it side-by-side RS/Xojo then try quickly glancing down each list and see which one is easier to read!

  4. In a word, “no-good”. I really think they took something that was very concise, albeit not very modern looking, and made it more modern looking at the expense of being verbose. Not sure this will fly very long before the complaints start rolling in.

    They should have at least taken the Filemaker approach and added disclosure triangles so that those sections that are not needed can be hidden.

  5. With Xojo Release 1 fast approaching (June 4 supposedly) there is zero chance any of this will get changed for R1. The good news is that there’s nothing stopping them (other than stubbornness I suppose) from changing it for R2. There have been hints in the beta list that changes are already planned.

    It saddens me that some of these changes weren’t made 6 months ago when they were first brought up. It would certainly have saved a bunch of angst and teeth gnashing. 🙂

  6. Finally cracked the code what RS consider native controls!
    From the answer to my question on RS Blog where William says:

    “The only really native Win32 experience left is Notepad and a handful of control panel dialogs. Notice the difference between a truly native Win32 menu (i.e. Notepad or Real Studio) vs. custom like Explorer, Visual Studio, etc.”

    For me “native controls” are the stuff that makes your application look native, ribbon for example, on the platform. As RS is considering Win32 as the native experience on Windows all pieces of the puzzle suddenly fall into place.

  7. Bob,
    If you have any influence, please convince the RS/Xojo (how ever the hell u pronounce it) powers that their new properties inspector is awful. It is troublesome to think they believe having to scroll down a list that is now almost twice is long is better for a coder. I like RS and have been using it for years, but not everything needs to be changed. Some old ways a valid because they work. New and prettier is not always better.

  8. @Tom
    Tom, all I can say is that they *are* aware of the issue and changes will probably happen. It will NOT happen for Release 1 I can tell you that right now.

    Voice your displeasure for signing up for feedback://showreport?report_id=26890 The more people that bitch about the more likely it is to get changed sooner rather than later.

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