An Apology

I need to apologize. My blog post from yesterday was disingenuous when I said:

Bugs that I know of that were reported during the beta cycle that weren’t fixed

It implies, incorrectly, that I felt Xojo wasn’t fixing bugs. These Feedback Reports (some of them by me) were submitted relatively late in the cycle. Sometimes there just isn’t time to fix everything that’s discovered.

Feedback 28167 (can’t change subclass supers) was reported the day before the release (July 15).

Feedback 28098 (deleting a control event) was reported July 11.

Feedback 28068 (weblistbox inline editor) was reported July 10.

Feedback 27742 (can’t copy/paste objects in different folders) was reported June 26. You could argue that this was early enough in the beta cycle but add in the 4th of July holiday in the US and it’s not quite so early as it seems.

We, as beta testers, feel that the beta cycle should be inclusive and bugs found in that cycle should be fixed IN THAT CYCLE. The reality is that the Xojo engineers are already working on the NEXT release (R3) and what we’re seeing is the work already done.

We can argue all day on whether or not Release 2 could have been held back another week to fix some of these more serious bugs but the reality is that sometimes a release happens for a variety of factors. Schedule, marketing, sales, the phases of the moon, etc.

Do these bugs affect everyone? I would argue that some of them do but hey, it took me weeks of using the R2 beta to discover some of them, so who am I to say? If they don’t affect you then they are of little importance. Heck, it’s entirely possible that these bugs were in Release 1 and I didn’t notice them in over 4 months worth of use.

My point is that instead of making it sound like I was accusing Xojo of issuing a crap release because they weren’t fixing bugs, I should have said that these bugs were discovered in the beta cycle and they hadn’t been fixed yet. I have done this in previous reviews and I should have stuck to that script rather than giving into sensationalism.

With all that said, Release 2 fixes a LOT of bugs. The release is more solid than Release 1. It does break a few things (the cookie expiration date being one of them) but Brad Hutchings has released a workaround in the Xojo forums

My advice to all Xojo developers is to be paranoid about new releases. Keep good backups and I highly encourage everyone to use a version control system (subversion, git, cvs, etc) so something else is helping manage your source code. Your code is your most valuable asset so why not treat it like gold? Binary format is convenient but not very safe from corruption in my opinion.  At least with a version control system you only lose an object if it’s corrupted rather than the entire project.

Anyway, this post is almost as long as the review. People do read my stuff and I try to be truthful and helpful. I am a supporter of Xojo and when I’m critical of the product I’m just trying in my own way to make it better. Resorting to hype doesn’t help.

5 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. To the contrary, Bob, your post simply stated that some beta bugs that were reported, were not fixed. Bugs that you felt were important. This has been the case for years.

    I’ll understand if you want to delete or censor this comment. My first reaction to reading this post, with dates and all was: Oh my, Bob got smacked by Geoff or the Xojo PR department.

    Don’t apologize, you’re the only one keeping the company honest. And I must just reiterate, this post sounds like you received talking points from Xojo. I’m sorry, and I’m sorry to hear it.

  2. Sure they fixed and will fix many bugs.

    But I see the following problem:
    They made some bad design descisions in the very beginning. Now there are so many bugs to fix that there is no more manpower to reverse these decisions. All are busy with fixing bugs. Then they are busy with LVM and iOS, after this they are again busy with fixing bugs.

    I fear that the navigator and the uneffective GUI will stay for a very long time.

    — Harald

  3. @Christian
    For the record, I was not contacted by any Xojo employee or representative. I *did* have conversations with other Xojo developers regarding the post. If they *had* contacted me I probably would not have issued an apology. I came to it on my own.

  4. I think your review was quite candid and spot on. I always enjoy your reviews because you don’t play cheerleader, nor do you bash.

    I also commend you for this post explaining how perhaps the tone of your review may have been misinterpreted. It takes a big person to do that.

    I’ve seen a few (very few) individuals on the new forum which do not take well to any sort of criticism or difference of opinion. Pitty, cause they’re all pretty smart – but show very little tolerance or humility.

    Anyways, I am getting used to the new interface (don’t love it). I value efficiency very high, and to me the new IDE it’s not there yet (but I can see the promise).

  5. @languer


    I’m am certainly not in love with the new interface. After working with it for 6 months I can say I can deal with it but only because I’ve learned to be very careful with what I do. I’ve been thinking about penning a couple of posts about what I really dislike (hate?) about the new interfaces in Xojo. I should have some time coming up in the next week or so with some quiet time to do so.

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