Formatted Text Control 3.1.1

We released a new version of the Formatted Text Control today.  Version 3.1.1 is a general release after a long beta period.  This version finalizes the special key handling required by the new Text Input Canvas plugin as well as fixes a host of smaller issues that popped up because of using the new plugin.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Text Input Canvas, it’s the only way for canvas based controls to get the proper key input from the operating system in Cocoa applications.  In Carbon applications Apple Text Services from the Mac OS provided a lot of extra information but in Cocoa that information is only available to text handling controls.  Canvas based controls do not get that benefit so Xojo had to create and provide a plugin to do that.  With the plugin, special characters now input properly (such as é, ü, ç) as well as all of the odd keyboard handling key combinations (shift up/down/right/left arrows) now work.

FTC works in Xojo applications built for Mac OS X (Cocoa) and Windows.  Some users have gotten it to work in Linux but it is unsupported.  Version 3.0 and above work only in Xojo.  Real Studio developers should stick with version 2.

Version 3.1.1 is a free update to any version 3.x license owners.  An email going out from the FileShare system should already be in your inbox telling you about the new versions.

The Formatted Text Control costs $150 and comes with full unencrypted source code upon purchase.  Version 3 is a paid upgrade to version 1.x and 2.x version owners.  If you do not already have an upgrade coupon please contact BKeeney Software support.

More information regarding the Formatted Text Control may be found at


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  1. And no new release goes 30 minutes without *someone* reporting something. A couple of Cocoa bugs have shown up: The Candidate Window is in the wrong location and the some of the “cut and yank” shortcuts aren’t implemented. Go figure.

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