We’ve Acquired the Fireye PDF Classes

Lenexa, Kansas, USA (December 27, 2013) — BKeeney Software Inc. has acquired the Fireye PDF classes for Xojo and Real Studio.

We are very excited to bring the FireEye PDF classes to BKeeney Software.  The PDF classes represent years of quality work and fill a need in the Xojo developer community in regards to the creation of PDF documents.  We will spend some time modernizing the classes to conform with the new requirements for Cocoa and rerelease for sale once we have completed the work.  We also plan on using these PDF classes to enhance our Xojo related developer products, particularly Formatted Text Control and BKeeney Shorts.

Asher Dunn, the original developer of the Fireye PDF classes said, “I am happy that my work was highly valued by the community.  I think Bob and his staff at BKeeney Software will do a great job maintaining and enhancing the PDF classes for years to come.”

All existing customers will receive version 2 for free.  An email will be sent to all registered users with instructions on how to upgrade to the BKeeney version.  Once a new version is released existing customers will be able to upgrade at a discounted price.  At this point, pricing has not been determined.

The new home for the FireEye PDF Classes is at: http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/pdf-classes/

For more information visit http://www.bkeeney.com or send email to support@bkeeney.com

7 thoughts on “We’ve Acquired the Fireye PDF Classes

  1. A product back from the dead!

    Actually I’m a bit surprised that you acquired it at this time as Xojo will eventually add PDF support and high end needs will be covered by Christian and DynaPDF.

    I guess if you need them for internal use NOW it would then make sense, though I would have thought you would have gone internally with DynaPDF.

    I am still use the old open source version (one where in the credits I am mentioned for showing him something minor I have long since forgotten!!!) …

    As using just the basic PDF fonts is is fine for my simple needs, the only issue I have had with the open source version is that when I open them on a PC, when I try to close them, the Adobe reader asks me if I want to make changes… That is a real pain for me and I assume other users .

    You mention potential coca issues… I can’t remember If I have used the open source classes with cocoa builds (I think I have but I am not sure… plan to next week in any case)…but what sort of issues do you expect? Text measuring problems or stuff specific to the closed source version?

    – Karen

    • Well, for FTC and Shorts I have a hard time convincing customers to buy our solution AND DynaPDF. For whatever reason there is a ton of resistance to that. This way we can make it a one stop purchase and customize the interfaces.

      Honestly, we’re just getting into it so I have no idea about the details yet. I’m sure I will grow to hate the PDF spec (but hey, can it be any worse than RTF which I’ve spent the last 2 days working with?).

      Yes, Xojo support for PDF is ‘scheduled’. I’m not sure where that falls in the mix with LLVM, 64 bit, and iOS but I need a PDF solution soon. And given past history I would strongly bet that the Xojo PDF support will be, at best, minimal and not what I need to satisfy my product and client needs. If it is, great, but I’m not going to plan on it (I did that once with the reporting tool).

  2. I still hope you keep DynaPDF an option for FTS and Shorts as it can do more than those PDF classes like font embedding or avoiding duplicate images included in the PDF file.

  3. I would hope when Xojo support shows up ftp PDF it is at least equivalent to Asher’s open source versions…. But having used RB/Xojo for over 12 years, I fear you may be right about what it’s shortcoming will be.

    Actually I’m surprised Xojo did not acquire those classes as, lIIRC from what he has said, it seemed Norm may have had some contact with Asher. It would fit the “eat your own dog food” philosophy.

    Many years ago I downloaded the PDF spec and started reading it … It is MASSIVE and realized I would never have the time to go through it and full understand it, never mind code a solution. …

    Good luck with it!

    – Kren

  4. Well, this should prove to be interesting, especially if some nice bundle deals are available. Might have to go for all three then.

    And I would not expect much from the build-in pdf support (just look at rtf support), and certainly not any time soon.

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