XDC Conference and Training Day News

Xojo sent out a notice to speakers this morning about due dates for session presentations for the Xojo Developer Conference.  You don’t need to care about the presentation deadline but that’s just a reminder that I need to get my act together because not only do I have two presentations to prepare for BKeeney Software is doing an entire day of training before the conference (note to self, start talking to myself all day long to get voice in shape).

They passed along another nugget of information that I thought was interesting.  They only have 10 spots left!  If you’re thinking about attending the biggest Xojo developer conference of the year, NOW is a good time to register.  February 14th is the deadline for early registration.

Speaking of deadlines, our pre-XDC Training Day early registration ends on February 14th as well.  This years training day is more hands on then last year and we are getting attendee feedback ,when they sign up, about the topics they want covered.

The morning session is all about desktop applications and so far we have some great suggestions that include Containers are Your Friends, Reducing Windows Flicker, Preferences, Updating UI from Threads, Window Menus, Remote Debugging, Power PostBuild Scripting, and more.

The afternoon session is all about web applications.  Great topics here, so far, too.  Suggestions so far:  Basic Web Application Concepts, Web Security, Dynamic Web Dialogs, Sending Emails, Special URL Handling, Reporting, Containers are Your Friends, Communicating with Desktop Apps, and more.

I think we have way more material than we have time but hopefully we can help some developers with their particular questions.  Our entire team will be there so we should be able to show some love to everyone.  Each attendee also gets a complimentary 3 month subscription to our Real Studio/Xojo Training Videos.

I LOVE the Xojo developer conferences.  If I have not met you yet, please make sure you introduce yourself.  Maybe I can answer a question for you, or perhaps direct you to another developer that knows a topic better than I do.  You will find no bigger density of Xojo developers at any single gathering than this conference!  You can talk about Xojo all day long and well into the night.  Cheers!

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