Bat Shit Crazy Fix

Every now and then the Xojo IDE/compiler does something that just makes zero logical sense.  By all accounts some bit of code should work.  But it doesn’t and no amount of debugging and code changes solves it.  It’s easy to spend hours and hours chasing these bugs

Most times when something like this happens a simple Xojo restart fixes it.  But not always.

After that, I delete the Xojo cache files and restart Xojo.  Most of the time that will fix it.  But not always.

So I came up with the “If you think you are bat shit crazy fix”.  Do all of the above and simply restart your machine.  This has always fixed those situations.

Fine, call me bat shit crazy but I have at least 3 other developers that can attest that this works.  After hours and hours of trying to debug an issue I was out of options and that was the my last bit of advice.  Guess what?  Their problem mysteriously disappeared.

I have no idea what the problem is or even how to report it to Xojo.  All I know is that if I’ve exhausted everything else in my arsenal, the clear cache and restart seems to work.  Who’s crazy now?

9 thoughts on “Bat Shit Crazy Fix

  1. Yup. After running the Xojo IDE for a while and doing a lot of debug runs, I see the same thing. Only a system restart clears the issue. Even log out/log in doesn’t resolve the issue.

  2. How do you clear the cache? Is just rebooting the computer enough? I have an SSD so rebooting for me is fast.

    – karen

    • Quit Xojo. Clear the cache. Restart computer.

      On Mac OS X the cache is at ~users/Library/Caches/Xojo. Not entirely sure about Windows.

  3. Well our craziest bug was because we had reached an internal upper limit in some internal counter variable such as the number of methods/objects/code lines, not sure now, so when we removed a single random code line -perhaps an unused variable the app didn’t crash? Adding a new code line miles away meant the app crashed 25 mins later. We actually debugged this for the REALbasic team :-). We thought ourselves insanely great to make the bug fix easy for real software

  4. A real pity but some budget constraints mean no one from Garvan is going to the Xojo conference. Very upset about that!! It’s the first one we have ever missed

  5. For me the Cache folder has symbolic links named “Xojo” and “Real Studio” which point to /tmp, so every time the Mac restarts, I get a cleared cache.

  6. No, you are not crazy. And yes, I had that lots of times going back to Whenever I get really weird behaviour a restart is the only thing that helps.

    • I can only remember a handful of time in Real Studio where I needed to do this. With Xojo it’s happened a couple of times since the first of the year.

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