BKS Spell Checker Plugin for Xojo

BKeeney Software is proud to announce a new Xojo plugin that allows Mac OS X and Windows developers a simple and easy way to add spell checking to their Xojo applications.  This plugin allows Macintosh OS X and Windows 8 applications to access the native OS spell checker, or to use the popular Hunspell spell checker.  All versions of Macintosh OS X and Windows can opt to use the Hunspell spell checker.
The system spell checker uses the OS language by default but can also be overridden via code to use any dictionary installed on the OS.  The Hunspell spell checker is used by many popular open source applications and may use many of the free dictionaries available.
Version 1.0 is for Mac OS X and Windows only.  Linux support may be added in the future depending upon user demand.
Pricing and Availability:
The BKS Spell Checker plugin is priced at $100 for unlimited use and 1 year of free updates.
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