New Video: TCPSockets

Today, I added a new video to our Xojo training area. This new video guides you through the steps to using TCPSockets in your Xojo applications. In this nearly 90 minute video we create a sender application and a receiver application and by sending some simple data (a command and data) to the receiver to make sure we’re processing everything properly.

Then, we send a file (of any size) from the Mac sender app to the Windows receiver app. We do some basic file metrics to make sure the file we receive is the same as we sent. In the video I forget to unpack part of the data properly and it’s this file checking step that finds the problem (sometimes doing something wrong is instructive in these videos)!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.16.38 AM

After that, sending a folder full of files is no big deal and in the video we clearly see that the sender has a queue of files that it’s going to send in multiple data segments, and the receiver only has a few of the segments yet.

Finally, we create an acknowledge message that gets sent back to the Sender application proving that we can have two way communication between the applications.

We now have over 55 hours of training video of Real Studio and Xojo.  Since we rewrote the training area using Xojo for Web we’ve served up over 8,700 hours of streaming video to thousands of developers around the world.