Styled HTML Field 2.0.10

picAppIconWe updated Styled HTML Field today to version 2.0.10.  The StyledHTMLField is a set of classes for Xojo that allow you to export HTML from StyledText in a native TextArea control.  The classes also allow you to create HTML emails.

This maintenance release has the following changes:

  • Added ConnectionType for secure connections with ability to choose SSL2, SSL23, SSL3, TLSv1 and TLSv11, TLSV12 for R3 when it’s released.
  • Added Paragraph Alignment to the demo application
  • Removed PWEmbedImageSMTP. Now uses TCPSecureSocket but secure set to false for non-secure connections.
  • Fixed deprecated items with current Xojo replacements.
  • Fixed items found in project check
  • Fixed old BKeeney URL’s in the demo app

Demo, pricing, downloads, and other details at