Are You Still Using Real Studio?

Xojo has been out for about a year and half now.  Based on comments in the forums and on this blog I’ve come to the conclusion that a fair number of people are still using Real Studio.

For some it might be the Navigator.  For some it might be supporting older operating systems that Xojo doesn’t support.  I am curious on what your reasons are for sticking with Real Studio and not going with Xojo.

Thanks for the comments!

12 thoughts on “Are You Still Using Real Studio?

  1. I’m using both Xojo and RealStudio. I’m using the most-current Xojo for most of my projects and RealStudio for a few old apps that still need PowerPC support.

    The Xojo Navigator’s inability to logically browse forward & back is the only part of Xojo that I’m not enjoying, but it’s not enough to keep me from staying up to date. Hopefully the smart folks at Xojo will have time to do some work on Navigator now that iOS support is out the door!

  2. We tend to find a release that works really well for us and then stick with it for a while. We’re always evaluating the new releases, mostly in terms of performance of screen rendering and database access, but we get stuck on a certain release just because it works and the latest doesn’t offer enough of a benefit to make it worth moving forward. Our shipping product is currently compiled with RS2010r5.1. Sad but true.

  3. Yes, for making my example projects, I still use Real Studio, so I’m compatible to people using it. And I have a lot of plugin customers still using older Real Studio. And we still ship PPC plugins!

  4. Although I still prefer REALStudio by a good bit, I’m coding in Xojo so I don’t fall behind…

    That said some of my projects for work still have to run on OSX 10.6 machines. For those projects I don’t use new features and go back and compile in REALStudio…

    – Karen

  5. I code in RS2012R2.1 and only use Xojo for hunting bugs and the final compile. Main reason is the clumsiness of the new IDE where everything seems to take two or three mouse clicks where I only need one in RS.

  6. Our core products are currently built with RealBasic 2012r2. However starting this year we are going from a 1 man developer team to a 3 man team. We have made the decision to leave RB and are moving to Java for Linux & OSX development (something we started last year) and Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Development, and using b4a, and b4i for Android and iOS development. I’m happy the the new Visual Studio model has a subscription based plan makes growing a company like ours very cost effective. It was a hard choice for me as I have been using Real Basic starting around 2000/2001. But I feel that I’m missing out on new technologies true multi threading which we need, 64 bit support, UI elements that are standard with most other development environments, date controls, charts etc are no were in Xojo or even on the map best I can tell. One annoying thing is that external project files shared between multiple projects (because you can build native libraries) have to be saved in XML if they are to be used with a source control system. Bug fixes seem to be in short supply with Xojo, I was not happy with all the focus the past few years that seem to be put into a new UI that made productivity SO SO much worse, and the Web stuff sorry to say is not very useful at the scale we are currently at and features that are not ready for release when they are released. Overall I’m somewhat sad to say goodbye to Xojo but looking forward to the next journey both growing my company and using new tools and technologies. I’ll still check-in with Xojo from time to time to see its growth I wish the people at the company nothing but success and who knows maybe down the road there will be a place once again for their product

  7. Mostly RS2012R2.1. I just love the interface and how snappy it feels. Every now and then open up 2014R2 to try things or verify things. But the experience drop in Windows is quite noticeable. Not unusable by any means, but it almost feels as if I was using a Java app (i.e. everything takes time to register in the IDE). I do like some of the clean looks of the new IDE, but I can’t still get over the sluggishness (it’s much better now, but not even close to what RS is).

  8. We have 2 big projects moved to Xojo 2014r2.1 and 4 still in RB2011r4.3.
    Every time I am back in RB I enjoy having an IDE that doesn’t get in your way, handles design and code tabs separately, don’t have a confusing project navigation, all properties in a single list, isn’t downright ugly and doesn’t waste screen real estate.
    The only positive thing I can say about Xojo IDE is how the Timers, Threads and other non-UI controls are handled when in design mode. The rest is just pathetic. I code for iOS in xcode and really enjoy how it manages to out-smart you in 90% of the time. Xojo IDE manages to trip me in 95% of the times.


  9. I use 2012 to design and code. It’s faster, and more responsive.

    There are some new things in Xojo that could be useful, but although I bought the licence, the only thing I do with Xojo is compile my 2012 code.
    The Xojo IDE keeps dumping me out of the editor window I have open.. if I have a tab open and I click on something, I either expect a new tab, or the current tab contents to be replaced.
    Instead what happens: I have two tabs open side by side so that I can copy and paste between them. I open a third tab to do some new work, click on an object, and it replaces one of the first two tabs. yeuch. Then back doesnt do anything useful.

    I don’t like ‘add an event to..’ .. I much prefer the RS method of exposing all the events and allowing me to select one and just start typing.

    And then there is the dropping of support for 10.6 OSX : I’m still getting very healthy sales for 10.6 machines, and some for 10.5 and 10.4
    Switching to Xojo kills off that trade or demands two builds.
    Xojo 2014 doesn’t ADD anything to make the switch necessary/must have, so I write in RS 2012, and compile in 2013, while 2014 sits gathering dust.

  10. RS2012R2.1. I coded under Windows and I can´t work with Xojo. I wrote under Xojo-Forum:

    “I want to talk about my problems with Xojo. I’m working under Windows 7 64 bit, AMD Phenom II x6 with 8 GB on SSD. Independent installed windows only Xojo, MBS plugins and Acrobat Reader installed. Enterprise license. No Virusscanner.

    Xojo is very slow at startup. It has become faster compared to the R1. But after the selection of the type of the program is indicated, it will take up to 1 minute for the program responds. Windows then offers me in the meantime, to terminate the unresponsive program.

    When finding and replacing the affected row wrecked. I was looking for sonderpreise and changed it in Firma. In the row behind Firma missing 7 chars.

    To change the tab order is a horror! In the old version you could adjust with the mouse in 2 minutes.In the current version takes the the changing about 1/2 hour.

    I had to set a 27 inch monitor upright next to my 27 inch monitor to see the Inspector and the libary can completely and I have no desire ever to scroll. Working on the notebook is a miserable affair. I want to have the old view! These fit wonderfully on a 27 inch screen in landscape mode.

    When working with Floating windows, then Xojo crashes like, Is become less compared to R1.
    Keyboard shortcuts work in part at the 2nd or 3 times. Copy / paste often have problems.
    I need change the top bar to place save in again! Before I run my program, I like to save the program, as it often bears the Run and exit.

    When I close the main window, then the Inspector window remains. IF I start again Xojo, it crashes.

    I want the old Editor with the new framework.


    Will there be a fix for this error? If so, when? Give us the old developer surface with the current framework again!”

    This is a year old, but the most problems and errors are not corrected. I stopped to rebuy a license for xojo until the problems are fixed.

    Greetings from Germany

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