Shorts 1.1

picAppIcon256We released a new version of BKeeney Shorts today.  Version 1.1 is a recommended update for all registered users and is a free update.

Version 1.1 has a number of improvements:

• Text blocks now have an AutoHeightAdjust property that lets them auto wrap their text and change the text height accordingly

• New demo report that demonstrates the automatic height adjustment in a row (i.e. GroupItem) of data of varying text

• The desktop version now has an RTF Block and uses the Formatted Text Control to convert into Shorts reports and HTML

• The Demo project for Web and Desktop comes with viewers you can use in your own projects

• Multiple demo reports with the various ways to create a report via code

More information on pricing, features, documentation, demo project, and more available at

2 thoughts on “Shorts 1.1

  1. Great News that you invest your time to improve your products an let the XOJO community participate on your knowledge…

    like this product… its the Best way to create flexible reports…

    good idea to give us more examples… this will help beginners to start… would be nice if you can make more Video about the possibilities of your products…

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