XJ Bundle

Generally, I’m not a big fan of bundles.  This is usually because they include a bunch of apps that I don’t want or need.  The XJ Bundle http://www.xjbundle.com is the exception.  This bundle is full of useful utilities and source code for Xojo developers.

Arbed is an advanced editor for Real Studio and Xojo projects.  It has a number of really cool features that the Xojo IDE does not have.  We already own this and use it quite a bit for Localization projects where it scans the project for strings, pulls them out, and makes dynamic string constants for you.  This one feature has saved us hundreds of hours of work.

dtPlugins is a set of Cocoa controls for Xojo Mac desktop apps.  A note on the forums has indicated that the dtPlugins iOS license is also included.  The iOS package has 15 controls and quite a few useful classes for iOS.  This package is on my short list of things to buy when we start doing more serious iOS work.

HTML Edit is a styled text editor that uses HTML for input and output.  It mimics the TextArea control so it should be familiar with users.  If you need to edit HTML this might be a good package for you.

Lexing Control is a plugin that highlights syntax for a variety of programming languages.  If you’ve ever wanted to create your own code editor, this is a good place to start.

Retina Kit 2 lets Xojo developers prepare their apps for Retina displays.  Instead of learning all the declares for Cocoa that allows high resolution imagines, Retina Kit does all that work for you.  Doing cross platform?  No problem because Retina Kit also includes fallback code for Windows and Linux.  We already own this kit and use it in quite a few projects.

RubberViews is a interesting toolkit.  It maintains the place and relative size of every control when its window or container is resized.  The content of that control is resized as well.

TreeView is a hierarchical view control that replaces the built-in Xojo listbox for desktop apps.  It also works in web apps where the Xojo listbox does not support hierarchical lists at all.  We already own this product and can say that it works well.

By themselves these are all good product.  Will everyone have a need for all of these products right away?  No, of course not, but they are useful to have in your stable of tools because you never know when you’ll need one of them.

For $79 this bundle is quite a bargain.  I purchased mine this morning.  I already own some of them, but the price is right and I could see myself using some of the new ones in upcoming projects.