Xojo Conference in London

With a little over a week to go there’s still space available at the MBS Conference in London the 27th of November.  It will be held at the Antoinette Hotel in Wimbledon which is a part of greater London.  The conference homepage is at http://www.mbs-plugins.de/archive/2015-11-11/Schedule_for_MBS_Xojo_Conferen/monkeybreadsoftware_blog_xojo.  There are still spots available!

This is during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend for the United States but if you want to avoid your crazy relatives join us in London and get your geek on.  Airfare is reasonable this time of year to London.

Give it some thought and think about joining us.  I went to one of the conferences in Koblenz, Germany a few years ago and had a blast.  There is nothing like getting together with like minded people to chat about your favorite development tool.

I’m going to give a presentation on BKS Shorts and the new Report Designer that will soon ship.  I think people will be very happy with the ability to embed a report designer into their applications AND have the ability to modify the UI as they see fit.

4 thoughts on “Xojo Conference in London

  1. I probably would have considered it. A bit more lead time for international travelers would be wise. If you posted it, I apologize, I must have missed it.

    • It was posted in the Xojo forums for well over a month. We didn’t know we were going until last week when Thanksgiving plans changed…drastically.

    • Well Joseph, sorry for you missing it.
      I sent announcement to the Xojo mailing list on 19th October and as far as I see you are also using that list.
      You can still get a last minute ticket to London and join us.

      • Yep, I’m on there Christian. I must have overlooked it. Although, even with a month lead time that’s still problematic for those that hold down corporate jobs. The request process itself can take a week.

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