Xojo 2016 Release 2.1

Release 2.1 of Xojo 2016 was released yesterday.  This version fixes a few bugs discovered in Release 2 and fixes couple of serious regressions regarding threads.  Sadly, it also introduces a couple of new bugs that might affect your project.

A number of bugs were squashed in iOSTable and for web apps.  If you use either I recommend checking the release notes.

I am unsure of exactly what changed in Release 2 but Threads had issues.  Release 2.1 fixes quite a few (most?) of them.  Resuming a suspended thread now works properly on sleeping or suspended threads.  Blocked threads waiting for locks will stay waiting.  Some applications were hanging when the last non-main thread exited and the main thread had recently been unblocked.

If you are MySQL user the thread issue may have affected you as well.  Certain queries that create detached threads would cause assertions.

The DMG’s distributed by Xojo are now code signed so they will open in Sierra.

A product as big as Xojo will inevitably have bugs not found during the beta process.  I usually joke it takes about thirty seconds after release for the first bug to be found and Release 2.1 is no exception.  These Windows bugs, however, are no joking matter.

If you use RTFData in a Windows application you may experience problems.  As you reload the rtf data back into the control the text sizes get smaller.  Feedback 44852.  This may be related to Feedback 44878 where using SelTextSize and TextSize results in the wrong size being reported.  So if you have 10 point text it will report back as 9.5.

I think it’s always a good idea to peruse the Newest and Recent Activity lists to see what other developers are seeing.  There are a few other minors regressions being reported as well as a couple of Windows only regressions.

Should you upgrade to R2.1?  If you are already using R2 you most definitely should as R2.1 fixes some serious issues..  If you are on an earlier version it’s a bit more murky.  The answer is a definite maybe but only after some doing real testing – especially if you are using threads or MySQL.

What say you Xojo friends?  What do you think of R2 and R2.1?

5 thoughts on “Xojo 2016 Release 2.1

  1. Small update: The RTFData bug and TextSize bugs are not *new* to R2.1 They were actually regression from R2. Still a bug and still a problem, but it’s been out there for quite a while before anyone reported it.

  2. The beloved MBS-Tools have under Windows a big problem. If you install all plugins, then the IDE can´t open or save Files. I have killed the 5 bigest plugins and now I can open and save. I haven´t testet, if i have a big project open, that saving allways funtional.

    • That’s not an MBS issue or Xojo issue. That’s a DLL issue.

      Don’t install all of the MBS plugins. That’s nuts! For one, the average user will never use a vast majority of them. Second, all it does it slow the startup of Xojo to a crawl. Three, you run into DLL issues in Windows (as you’ve discovered).

      As an experiment, launch Xojo is zero plugins and time it. Then load all of the MBS plugins. You will get *much* better startup performance and AutoComplete performance from Xojo by being picky about the plugins you run with.

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