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iurThe 2016 Xojo Developer Conference kicked off in Houston, Texas today.  Geoff Perlmann, CEO of Xojo, Inc. took the stage this morning to deliver his keynote speech.  The biggest news of the day is that Android support is coming for Xojo.

Many Xojo developers (myself included) find that iOS support is great but without Android support it’s not complete.  Geoff announced that in the fourth quarter of 2017 Xojo will have the ability to compile Android mobile applications.

This is a big deal and a daunting challenge for this team.  It appears that they’ve done their homework to figure out what they want to do.  Details are scarce at this point but they already know they will compile down to native code and not Java.  They will also use native controls like Xojo does for iOS.

The target version of Android that they are aiming for is JellyBean (version 4.1) or better.  Roughly 97% of all Android users will be covered.  Sadly, version 4.1 was released in 2012 .  I would have thought that 4.4 (KitKat) or better would be a better choice.  Let’s hope that gets changed before release.

Geoff did not mention if Xojo is planning on adding additional staff.  The reason I bring this up is that I find a twelve month timeframe to implement a completely new platform.  A more realistic expectation is that it will be released in beta form and it will be 2018 before it’s ready for more usage.

More details as learn about them.

5 thoughts on “XDC News:  Android Support

  1. Did they say in which year Q4 it will be available? Seeing iOS was +2 years overdue I guess the same will happen for Android support. Ah well…

    • They are going to lean heavily on the new Interops to create Android (which will be nearly 100% Xojo code). This allows anyone with Xojo knowledge and a little bit of Android knowledge to help them out.

      It is my belief that they will hit *beta* in Q4 2017. Which means the first decent release will be 2018. Love to be proven wrong on this.

  2. Talked with Travis at breakfast this morning. He is pretty confident that Q4 is attainable. This assumes, of course, that Interops works like they need it to since the Android framework will be written in Xojo and they *need* Interops to work right to do that. This also means that multiple developers, or possibly even outside resources, can do this work.

  3. I noticed yesterday on Wikipedia that JellyBean is no longer supported, KitKat is only supported for security updates, the first fully supported version being KitKat (4.4)

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