Xojo 2016 R4.1

Xojo 2016 R4.1 was released today.  The 4.1 release mostly contains Windows fixes related to the switch in drawing engines.  Gone is GDI Plus and Direct2D is now used instead.

GDI Plus wasn’t only deprecated but removed so that is a little different than most Xojo releases.  It is highly recommend that you test your Windows apps thoroughly before release.  It’s also recommended that you test your 64 bit builds as well since it’s a newer framework and has received less attention.  Just today I found out that SegmentedControls don’t draw right in Windows 64 bit builds.  Feedback id 46268

As always, take a look at the full release notes for pertinent information.

Monkeybread Software released version 16.5 of their plugins today http://www.mbsplugins.de/archive/2016-12-12/MBS_Xojo__Real_Studio_plug-ins and is recommended for all users.  Einhugur http://www.einhugur.com has released a number of updated plugins for R4 and has indicated that more are updates are coming.

6 thoughts on “Xojo 2016 R4.1

  1. The R4/4.1 release is great. I really like the way the tabs work now and the back button appears to behave as I’d expect. My one complaint is that I’d like to have a “tree tab” that has the whole project. The first tab sorta works like that but the name at the top is usually still named after whatever object its highlighting. Visually scanning across my tabs it often looks like I have two of the same tab open.

    The original paradigm, if I recall correctly, was a web browser. I’d suggest using the safari sidebar concept as the “tree view”. Allow it to close to save project space (like the safari side bar). And open with a button in the toolbar (and a key combo). Don’t make it a tab. Tabs should be project items. In RB the name of the tab was always “self” which made conceptualizing “self” vs “me” trivial.

    The direction we’re going looks good. The xojo team appears to be making lots of really good decisions. The IDE in particular.

    • “Tree tab” was the wrong word. It’s the old project view (tab). Except it would work better as a safari sidebar mechanism. On my little macbook I might want to zap it out of view to save space and visual clutter.

    • Thanks Norman. I’ve seen that post but it wasn’t clear to me what was going on without having attended the keynote. The “screenshots” are small and when I zoom they are too blurry. My only takeaway was that the project controls would once again be ever present.

      The Xojo blog was even less helpful. The only screenshot was an old RB 1.0 version. It’d be nice to get an official xojo blog post with screenshots so we could provide feedback. Or is that the issue? Don’t want that many chefs in your kitchen?

      It’s cool. The recent changes suggest that you guys are making sensible changes. I’m excited to see the IDE changes.

      • The small pictures were done ‘on purpose’ by me. As Geoff mentioned in his keynote those screenshots were more Photoshop than screenshot so I figured it was more important to explain where they intend on going rather than the actual example. If the end result isn’t what they showed us I don’t want anyone to point to my blog and say, “See! You promised us this!” Which has happened in the past….

  2. Windows 64 bit builds have some drawing issues. Segmented Controls work but are borked up when drawing so, for me anyway, I can’t fully go to R4 on a number of projects.

    I’ve seen some other rumblings of printing issues with Windows but I have not verified them for their veracity.

    So for now, we’re sticking with R3 – strictly for the Windows issues.

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