Xojo 2018 Release 1.1

Xojo announced the availability of Xojo 2018 Release 1.1.  This ‘dot’ release fixes a couple of glaring bugs that were introduced in 2018 Release 1.  Some of the more important fixes:

  • A NilObjectException caused by an undo in the IDE has been fixed.
  • A regression in the debugger kept some 32-bit breakpoints from working reliably.  The debugger now stops at breakpoints correctly in 64-bit and ARM targets now too.
  • In Windows, if you have a global variable it can now be viewed in the variables pane.
  • The Printer graphics.clip method now works as expected.  If you printed a Shorts document in Windows you would have run across this bug.
  • A host of Windows framework bugs were fixed.  TabPanels now draw properly with proper backgrounds.  TabPanels that contain sliders and scrollbars that caused the tabs to scroll off the TabPanel is now fixed.  The Canvas control now properly refreshes after Scroll is called.
  • iOS projects now compile when it has a launch screen with an image that has no actual pictures in the image.

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed in the release notes you should update to R1.1 immediately.  It’s a shame that it took Xojo nearly a month to get this release out the door.  I realize that XDC causes a huge disruption to their development schedule but the wait for this dot release was too long.

For those of you doing a lot of Windows development, are you still experiencing drawing/speed issues?  Or, have you determined the secrets behind making things better/faster?

3 thoughts on “Xojo 2018 Release 1.1

  1. Sorry for the Xojo development team who has put an enormous effort in this release. On Windows desktop, the price we pay for “no flicker” is just too high and makes this version unusable in some cases.

  2. Although I like Xojo, these release notes are quite embarrassing, looking at the kind of bugs they have fixed. Fixing bugs is good, but how have these bugs ever got in a stable release?

    Quality control is apparently not a priority ….

    • “Rapid Release Cycle”

      I predicted this situation when they started with it: a perpetual beta and beta quality.

      Apple tried it with disastrous results and reportedly ditched it again.

      Xojo still kind of sticks to it.

      The basic rule is: when quality and reliability is no longer your top priority, then your product will decline. Possibly until it’s dead.

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