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Connect to a Myriad of Databases without writing SQL: BKeeney Software Launches New, Cross-Platform Reporting Tool


LENEXA, KS, 20 September 2018 – BKeeney Software launches BKS Report Studio, a simple database reporting tool that features a visual interface, templates, and editing features that allow users to create reports without writing SQL.

Designed for every skill level, BKS Report Studio operates like a layout editor by allowing users to drag and drop data sources, labels, images, and even barcodes to build powerful reports, quickly.

Reports can be printed directly, or can be exported in several file formats. Created by a need to simplify and extend the database reporting process, BKS Report Studio focuses on making the report design phase easier.

BKS Report Studio features several functions:
– Drag & Drop layout design for report templates
– Export as PDF documents or print directly
– SQL engine generates the necessary query and gathers data
– Filter data beforehand, or live at runtime with dynamic runtime filtering
– Boolean display is fully customizable, and supports Emoji
– Format numbers, and perform scripts on bands as they are generated

Connect to the most popular database engines, or connect to any database engine that provides an ODBC driver. BKS Report Studio supports these database engines: CubeSQL, MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, and SQLite

BKS Report Studio is available now for Mac and Windows. Download it from the website for free today. Demo reports will be watermarked. Purchase a license for $175 to permanently remove the watermark and unlock the export-to-file functions.

Website: https://bksreportstudio.com
Download: https://bksreportstudio.com/download/auto
Purchase: https://bksreportstudio.com/buy


BKeeney Software is software consulting firm specializing in cross-platform, web, and mobile applications, developer tools, and training using the Xojo development platform.



11 thoughts on “BKS Report Studio

  1. What are the differences to Shorts? [Ha! Just got why it’s called Shorts].

    A comparison table might be helpful …

  2. And just an observation: a separate website without links to your other offerings? That’s … weird. I would have expected at least a “products” menu …

    • Again, this isn’t meant as a developer tool. We felt that jamming it into the regular BKeeney website would confuse people. Obviously Xojo developers know who we are but the general public doesn’t need to see the developer products.

  3. no pude generar un simple reporte.. me aparecio un error de sql y en otro momento una excepcion y se cerro el programa

  4. Hi BKS friends, I tested the Windows demo. This is / can be a great product to sell to customers working with our business software to make it ultra simple to create their own reports. Top.! Localization needed.

    In the windows version I could not see how to use Xojo script and styles within this tool. Small thing: the zoom option seems not to be implemented in for design mode.

    Great work.!

    • Select the band and the option should be available in the property list.

      Willing to give a license to Report Studio or Shorts for help with localization issues.

  5. Can we launch a report being rendered directly, based on a given design, from the commandline ?

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