XDC 2019 Session List

The session list for the 2019 Xojo Developers Conference (XDC) was released today at https://www.xojo.com/xdc/sessions/.  Take a look at this interesting list.

I’ve been attending Xojo developer conferences for twelve plus years (don’t remember what my first XDC was – maybe 2004?).  Each one is unique and the topics are usually interesting but do tend to be repetitive from year to year at times.  The session topics for XDC 2019 seem to be more unique than past years.

Obviously Geoff will do his keynote address and talk about what they’ve done in the past year, what they’re currently working, and what’s coming up (sometime) in the future.  There is a session each for Android, Web 2.0, API 2.0, beyond Linux, everything MS Windows, and more by the Xojo staff.

What’s left is an intriguing list of sessions that will be tough to figure out what I want to attend and which ones I can wait to see recorded (assuming they’re recorded again).  I can’t remember an XDC I’ve looked forward to more.

Carol is doing a session on Database Topics for Programmers and I’m doing one called “Xojo Mistakes We All Regret Later”.  My alternative title is “Thankfully time travel doesn’t exist otherwise my future self will no doubt come back to murder me for these stupid programming mistakes I’ve done.”

If you’ve never been to an XDC I highly recommend it.  You will get to meet some of the best Xojo developers on the planet, talk Xojo non-stop for 3 (or more) days on end, talk to Xojo staff, and have fun.  Of course that last point is mostly because of the first three.  You won’t find a bigger concentration of Xojo developers on the planet!

I hope to see you all in Miami in the first week of May.  What sessions are you excited about?

6 thoughts on “XDC 2019 Session List

  1. “You won’t find a bigger concentration of Xojo developers on the planet! ”
    Which is a risk 🙂

    An impressive list of presentations scheduled. Wow. There is a lot going on at the moment: 32 bits is definitively going to be old school / obsolete, API 2.0 and support for Android which is now or never. XDC 2019 could get a milestone.

    • My *guess* is that Web 2.0 will be in beta form for 2019 R2 and Android will be in alpha form for R3 and they’ll pass it out to people at XDC to try it out.

      I’m guessing 2019 R1 we will see a number of things get ported over from the Xojo framework and that will be ongoing for all of 2019. So new iOS by 2020?

      I have no insider information on this just a gut feeling. I think it’s safe to be pessimistic on release dates and it’s quite possible I’m being optimistic. Only time will tell.

    • Yes, I think Xojo has a lot on their plate for such a small development team. Android is HUGE that’s taken years of work. Web 2.0 is big chunk of work that’s taken years of work. API 2.0 is a lot of work that undoes years of work and probably creates a few years of work when you include iOS.

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