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The Xojo Developer Conference (XDC) is a fantastic event.  I highly recommend going to one.  The 2019 XDC event this year is May 1st through the 3rd in Miami, Florida.  I look forward to XDC as you will not find a greater density of Xojo developers on the planet!  Everyone there is all-in on Xojo and you can easily talk Xojo non-stop for three full days (or longer).  More details on XDC at https://www.xojo.com/xdc/

At XDC 2015 they started recording the sessions and attendees get these recordings as part of their conference admission.  This was a great addition because it made choosing between sessions a lot easier because you know you could watch it later.  Plus you could rewatch sessions whenever you wanted.

The XDC videos are also for sale after the conference.  They were not inexpensive but certainly cheaper than going to the event.  Xojo recently announced that the XDC videos from 2018 are now available for $99.  The 2016 videos are available for $75.  These are great prices for 64 videos that cover everything from the Keynote by Geoff Perlman, to database topics, to Windows and Linux and iOS and everything in between.  I haven’t totaled up the exact hours but if my rough calculations are correct the two years of videos adds up to over 1900 minutes of video.  I guarantee there’s a topic you’re interested in that is in this list.

I’m so looking forward to XDC 2019.  Not only to escape a fairly brutal winter in the midwest but to reconnect with my friends and talk Xojo non-stop for days on end.  But also to go to sessions that haven’t been done before.  Many of the speakers had done their favorite topics several times and chose different topics (I did this intentionally to get outside my box).  You can find the season list at https://www.xojo.com/xdc/sessions/

As I usually do I’ll do blog posts on the more interesting topics.  I expect to hear more about Web 2.0, Interops, Android, Xojo Plugins and much more.

Hope to you see you at XDC.  If we’ve never met please stop me and introduce yourself and tell me how you ‘know’ me.  Some read the blog and some have bought our Xojo developer products.  I love to hear about your experiences and how I can serve you better.

6 thoughts on “XDC Video Sale

  1. 1900 hours of video??? That would be equitable to 80 days of 24h recording! My rough guess is you overestimated by a factor of 100 …

  2. Legacy video”s are not spent on me, I fall asleep right away. I prefer (e)books with code-samples. Hope some attendees will post live reporting on the conference for those unable to attend. As I said before, I still don’t understand why not considering a live stream of the most important episodes.

    • Conferences are expensive to put on and a lot of work. You want to maximize the attendance and live streaming has two issues. The first is attendance. The second is internet streaming.

      Xojo doesn’t hold these events in cheap and inexpensive hotels. That means the venue is more expensive and when I did events with ARBP (back in the day) I discovered that the more expensive the hotel the more likely they were to charge extra for high bandwidth usage.

      Personally, one of my favorite events was the ARBP event in Atlanta where we had 40 people show at Holiday Inn just off the airport property. It was not a great area but it was inexpensive and we had enough cars to get people to outside restaurants for dinner. Catering for lunch was simple but good enough.

      The worst destination, IMO, was Las Vegas. The hotel was cheap but it was so big it was hard to find developers to talk to and as the night progressed we were forced into noisier and noisier environments closer and eventually on to the casino floor. Not a convenient location for discussions.

      Carol and I will be at XDC in May and at the MBS event in Cologne in the fall. It’s fun to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. I am always pleasantly surprised at the friends we make at each event.

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