BKeeney Cyber Weekend

BKeeney Software is offering a special discount for Cyber Weekend this year! From Friday, November 29 through Monday, December 2 we’re offering 20% off our products. Now is the perfect time to pick up the Xojo Design Award winning BKeeney Shorts; or make a database driven project easy with ActiveRecord and ARGen 3.

No coupon code is necessary! Some of our top products include:

ARGen 3 – Create ActiveRecord classes and UI for database driven applications made fast.

BKS Shorts – Create and render reports in your Xojo Desktop and Web applications. Renders to screen, printer, HTML, CSV, and PDF formats.

BKS Tab Control – A classic “tabs control” for Xojo Desktop applications.

Formatted Text Control – A TextArea replacement that allows inline pictures, hyperlinks, and much more.

Task Timer 6 – If you aren’t tracking your time you’re missing out on a key metric on how well you estimate and where you spend more of your time.